Your Extraordinary Ear

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There are two magic listening devices in your body.First, sound itself is made when an object vibrates, sending the vibrations through the air into every which way until it fades out. When the vibrations hit your ear, they will travel inside, like a funnel. Your ear has a very specific shape that easily allows the sound to go straight into your ear. Then, it travels through your ear canal, bouncing off the walls of the tunnel until it reaches your eardrum, which is like a big circle of skin inside your ear. The eardrum will pick up these vibrations, and turn them into signals to send to your brain. Your brain then makes sense of these signals, and figures out what they all mean. It seems like a lot of work for something so natural, but that’s how amazing it all is.

The entire ear is divided up into three parts though, and each of them has their job to do. The outer ear is the part that everyone can see, and is what they think of. It includes anything that you can touch with your finger, and your ear canal. Inside the ear canal is where ear wax is made, and its job is to clean up the ear, and protect it from harmful chemicals. Right between the middle ear and the outer ear is the eardrum. Inside the middle ear are the ossicles, a set of three tiny little bones that help get the sound from the eardrum to the inner ear. Inside the inner ear is the Cochlea, which is of the most important pieces of this jigsaw puzzle. When your ossicles start vibrating, the cochlea, which is full of liquid, starts to collect the sounds, which are picked up by lots of tiny microscopic hairs that turn the vibrations into nerve signals for the brain to interpret. This whole process somehow takes no time at all, even though it is really complex. But yours ears aren’t just good for hearing! There are three small tubes that hang out in your inner ear that are filled with liquid, and whenever your head moves around, the liquid moves along with it, which moves more of the tiny hairs inside them. This is what helps you keep your sense of balance. So when you are spinning for a long time, then suddenly stop, but still feel like you are spinning, it is because of the liquid in your ear still sloshing around in your head. Just remember, it is never safe to stick anything in your ear, and you should always be careful with your ears. 


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