All About Tigers

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The tiger is the most powerful, largest and heaviest cat species in the world.But, the tiger is a endangered species. A endangered animal is a animal that does not have a lot of its kind around. The tiger has been a endangered cat since June 2, 1970. The tiger is listed as a endangered species in Temperate and Tropical Asia.There were nine subspecies of tiger, but only six still survive.One of those, the South China Tiger, we are not sure about.It may be extinct also.

Male tigers can weigh from four hundred pounds to seven hundred pounds and females can only weigh from two hundred and fifty pounds to four hundred pounds.

All tigers have orange fur with black or brown stripes.  There is a white tiger, but it is just a Bengal Tiger with very little skin pigmentation.  Just like all humans have different finger prints but all tiger have different stripe patterns.The patterns can be used to identify an individual tiger.

Tigers eat deer, wild boar, wild cattle, elephants and rhinos. When tigers hunt, their color camouflages the tiger in the grass so that the tiger can pounce out of nowhere and kill the prey. Because of the tiger’s strength and weight the tiger can knock down the animal. Then the tiger’s strategy is to bite the prey’s neck. Then tiger then kill the prey by not letting go until the prey dies, a little like a bulldog. Tigers are also such great swimmers that tigers know how to kill a animal in the water while the tiger is swimming.

Tiger can jump high and far. Tigers can jump five meters high and ten meters forward. This makes the tiger one of the highest jumping mammals in the world.

Tiger get really mad when another tiger walks into their territory. They are very territorial.To mark his/her area, the tiger will mark the tree with the urine.

When a female tiger gives birth she will usually have three or four cubs.They will stay around there mother, nursing and hunting for eighteen months, but they have been observed staying for up to 30 months.


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