How to Overcome Acne

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how to overcome acne. Yes, the goal is only to facilitate the reader who is looking for a solution for treating acne, acne either stone or inflamed pimples that occur on the face, back, or even on the genitals:). Treatment of acne is hard-hard-hard-hard-easy. Why do I say so, because it is relatively difficult to treat acne in most people, but it’s easy for some people. This is felt by the writer long enough to have this acne problem. So how the most powerful way to treat acne? Treatment dokterkah? or Traditional Medicine? The answer is relative. Need to try it first and compare which one is considered the most effective and suitable for your acne. Instead of looking for ways to overcome stress the most potent acne, I collected the following articles related to acne that I publish on this blog.

how to remove acne below:

There are two options in using garlic untukmenghilangkan acne.First with the mashing of two or more garlic until quite soft and thenapplied to the face with acne. Let stand for 10 minutes then rinse.While the second way is to take one or more of garlic every day.Many say this is quite efekktif both ways, but for those of you whodo not like the smell of garlic may be better to take another way. Do not worry there are many other natural ways which I will explainbelow.

A few summary on how to overcome acne. Hopefully helpful, especially for those of you who have problems with acne that is super annoying. Sorry if less pleased with this article.

Egg white

How? Easy. Separate the egg yolks and egg whites take it. Whiskbriefly and then apply to face and let stand for 15 minutes. Egg white will help reduce the oil in the face that often causes acne.

One thing to note here that used toothpaste is shaped pasta (such as Pepsodent) rather than a gel form (such as Close Up). The trickis almost the same both ways on the premises. Apply toothpaste toacne and other parts around the pimple before bed. Let the night /until the morning and then rinse with clean water.


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