My Favorite Teacher

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          Teachers were one of the most important persons in my life. They had thought me how to count, to read, to write, to be a better person, and on how to develop my talent. Every one of us has its own favorite teacher. Mrs. Angus was my favorite teacher in high school. I learned a lot from her. I know that teaching is what she really loves; I can see it in the way she teaches us. Mrs. Angus was not just a teacher; for me, she was also like a mom, a friend and a good adviser.

           I considered her as my second mom because she was like my own mom who has a great love and concern for me. She was like a mom who always reminds me to do what is right. She also scolds me whenever I have done something bad because she wants me to know that I did something wrong and that I should not do it again. Whenever I needed something from her, she was always there to help me. Whenever I am sick, she never failed to check if I am okay or not.

           Mrs. Angus for me was also a good friend. Just like a friend, she loves to share stories about her family and all her experiences in life that holds a great lesson for me to learn. I can also share my problems and stories with her when she has the time. And like a friend, she always finds time to listen to me. She can also make me smile and laugh.

           Ma’am was also a good adviser. I can lean on her and ask her some advice when I have some problems regarding my studies, my family and my friend. It was important for me to ask for her advices because she has a great experience in life, and she knows what were the best things for me.  Her advice helps me a lot in solving my problems and achieving my goals.

           Indeed, Mrs. Angus was not just a teacher. She was also a mom, a friend and an adviser that was always there for her students. She has a great part in making my life colorful because I learned a lot from her. And I love her so much because she treated me as her own child. And she never tolerated my bad side and she taught and loves me fairly. She does not have any favoritism attitudes at all. She was my idol because all her children finished their studies and all of them are professionals because of her. For me, Mrs. Angus was an ideal teacher. And I will treasure her in my life and she will be always in my memory till the end.


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