Artemis Fowl And The Atlantis Complex – Eoin Colfer Book Review

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Artemis Fowl and the Atlantis Complex

Yet another book from the Artemis Fowl series, Eoin Colfer has done it again. The 7th installment if the series is just as good as any other one and I couldn’t put it down.

The story for this book goes something like this. In the beginning of the book, Artemis has a meeting with Commander Vinyaya of the LEP, Holly Short who works for Vinyaya, and Foaly the technical expert. Artemis tells them about his plan to save the polar icecaps against global warming, and although they are suspicious, Artemis tells them that he has changed his ways for good. Holly, noticing Artemis’ habit of counting everything and doing things to correspond to the number 5, figures out that Artemis has Atlantis Complex, a mental condition that normally is only contracted be guilt-ridden faeries, but Artemis may have acquired it through his use of magic. 

Atlantis Complex has turned Artemis Fowl, criminal mastermind, into a paranoid, delusional person. He counts everything, looking for multiples of the number 5, believing that 5 is a lucky number, while 4 is bad luck, as it it similar to the word for death in Chinese. Artemis doesn’t trust anyone either. He blames all of his family members for trying to sabotage his work, although of course they are not. He even tricks butler into leaving him and going to save his sister. It turns out that his sister Juliet, a famous Mexican wrestler, really was in danger however, as Turnball Root tried to kill the Butlers by mesmerizing the wrestling fans and telling the fans to kill them.

Meanwhile, back in the arctic, a large space probe that was supposed to be headed to Mars, was sent by Turnball crashing into the place where Artemis was having his meeting. This ended up killing Commander Vinyaya, leaving Holly, Foaly, and Artemis stranded in the arctic. At about this point, Artemis’ alternate personality, Orion, whom had been created due to the Atlantis Complex, surfaced and Artemis sank into his subconsciousness. Eventually, in the end, Turnball Root and his wife Leanor end up driving a sub that Turnball himself set to blow up, because Leanor didn’t want to live any longer, and Turnball didn’t want to live without her.

My favorite parts in the book include when Turnball was giving all of his crew a test to join him or not, or when Butler was fighting a horde of mesmerized wrestling fans, or when Mulch Diggums saved the Butlers from death by faerie. The next book in the series is supposed to be the last one, and it will be called The Last Guardian.


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