Danger of Cyber Bullying

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The new technologies had brought great changes in the society’s perspective. They lessen the difficulties and problems that people or users experience. But like a coin, the new technologies have its two sides, the negative and the positive. One problem that really deals with the negativity they bring is Cyber Bullying. Cyber Bullying is an act when one person or a group uses the internet and other technologies in manipulating information about one person, harassing by sending malicious photographs and videos, publishing a mocking websites, forwarding personal information, sending instant messages and even threatening one’s life. Cyber bullying is a great phenomenon that has rapidly grown in the field of cyber space, responsibility of action is greatly needed for ones safety and security. Thus, many activities are intended to damage reputation and hurt one person. Oddly, most victims of cyber bullying are kids and teens.

There are two or more persons involved in cyber bullying. Behind it are the bullies and probably the bullied ones. There are different kinds of cyber bullies, examples of which are the Vengeful Angel and the Revenge of the Nerds. These bullies are products or once a victim of bullying. Revenge is what they aim and probably, fighting back is their stand. Revenge of the Nerds bullies is dangerous because they can invade your private access. They are knowledgeable about it, and they have the capability to do so. Another is the Power Hungry. This bully hungers for power, fame and attention. They manage to do wrong things just for them to achieve their personal aims even if they can hurt others. Lastly, the Mean Girls type of bullies. These are the ones who are famous, yet they are still insecure to others and intend to damage one’s reputation even to the point of saying things that are not really true. The cyber bullies can become the next victim in any moment. On the other hand, kids change their roles from being the bullied to being the bully, and vice versa.

Bullying through technologies is not far more different in bullying personally. They may be the same in the phase of bullying, but cyber bullying is more dangerous and harmful because this can be done by unknown people and in a more complicated way. There are many ways of cyber bullying. First, the sending of instant messages: this can be considered as bullying when one often sends threatening or abusive messages, offers sexting or phone sex and  even send false information about someone. Second, the steeling of passwords: this act is very dangerous in a way that once this is done, all email access and even social sites you have can be invaded. With this, the bully can send much information as they want to others without your permission. The dangerous part of it, they can harass and harm your personal being by sending malicious photos and videos they have manipulated. Third, the Internet Polling: this is when somebody tries to ask readers to vote to a certain question that can be hurtful and cruel. Examples may be “Top Bitches”, “Who is the ugliest?” and etc. Lastly, the Cyber Stalking: this is a very dangerous and creepy thing to be experienced. Cyber stalking involves monitoring, accusing, threatening, information gathering and frightening. All those acts are ways of the cyber bullies for bullying. This brings big damage and impact to the victim. Thus, effects are complicated and this may lead even to death.

The effects of cyber bullying to an individual can cause serious and disruptive actions. According to the Department of Social Welfare and Development or DSWD, behaviour of the bullied can result to severe stress and anxiety that can lead to psychological obsession. Victims can develop low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. As a result, unproductive acts might be experienced by the bullied victim. Later, these actions can lead to the damage of the social interaction and social growth of each individual. Even school performance can be affected and health can be weakened. Worst thing that could happen is ending up killing oneself or committing suicide.

Cyber bullying may grow rapidly but, refraining and taking each ones responsibility is the best way to stop it. Cyber bullies may not stop, but limiting information about oneself is the least thing one can do to stay safe. Prevent exchanging personal information like passwords, names, emails, and phone numbers to unknown people. Do not even give passwords to your friends. When victimized, deal with it. Get help and advice. Ending up one’s life is not the answer. No one has the right to bully somebody. Consequently, there are certain actions to be done and do not put the law in your hand. Cyber communication is a help and not a problem. Negativity may be experienced, but it is the action of the individual that result to it. So, be responsible of your act. Think before you click!


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