How to Watch Our Very Own

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The movie was written based on his recollections of Shelbyville in the 70’s when he was here. So To help you better understand the plot and things surrounding the plot I wanted to explain a few highlights of the setting.

Step 1

Understand the town… Shelbyvilles biggest event has always been the Celebration. This is the walking horse capitol of the world. Shelbyville in a relatively small Community with only 16,105 people in the year 2000. And best known for it’s pencil mills and sharpie the world’s largest selling writing instrument. Other then that not a whole lot really goes on here.

Step 2

Understand Just who Sondra Locke is. She was in fact born and raised here (Hense the name of the movie Our Very Own) and this actress is best known for her roles with Clint Eastwood. She made her debut in the film The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter in 1968. Leaving Shelbyville at that point. So in the film the year is 1978 Sondra Locke is still a very big actress and the kids are waiting to see if she will return for the annual Horse show.

Step 3

All of these teens are living the normal confused teen boring life and each is fighting some kind of battle in their own lives. It is in fact a genuine rendition of what life must have been like In Shellbyville Tennessee in 1978. As the the movie was written by Cameron Watson Who also was born and raised here and wrote this movie based on his own recollections of the 70’s in Shelbyville Tennessee.

Step 4

So if you choose to watch this movie remember it is based on real life in Tennessee in the 70’s and I felt that it was a a very good movie focusing on what life must really have been back in the day in Shelbyville, I recommend this to every one who remembers being a teenager and just how hard it really was..


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