Motorola Atrix Review The Smart Phone With Fingerprint Scan

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Motorola has launched its new Smartphone ATRIX which can be used as a phone, a laptop, a personal computer, a media centre and a satellite navigation system.  It will recognize its owner by his or her fingerprint. The wizards available in the Motorola’s ATRIX make it as the world’s most powerful smart phone as the wizards in it are technologically innovative and new in the Smartphone market.

People are now on the lookout for smartphones and android phones. People consider it as proud to have a smartphone with them. This concept of people has increased the demand for the smartphones in the gadgets market. The market is now flooding with lot of brands of smartphone and selecting a ideal phone has now become a tedious task.

The range of docks available makes the ATRIX Smartphone to use as a laptop, personal computer, and media centre or sat-navigation system. The fingerprint recognition system in the phone is first of its kind in the Smartphone product range and ensures that it can only be activated by the genuine owner. The phone will recognise the fingerprint when finger is swiped on the touch screen and approve the actions. Authorizing a user for fingerprint access is clearly described in the content box. Buy this highspeed HDMI cable to connect your smartphone to plasma display.

The ‘lapdock’ facilitates to use it as a normal laptop while phone is kept aside in the dock. Another dock facilitates to use the phone as a personal computer with USB ports and Bluetooth enabled wireless mouse and keyboard.

The ‘Webtop’ software of ATRIX’s software features a common internet browser that allows the keyboard, mouse and screen to be used just like as a normal computer. Dual core processor of ATRIX allows for fast operation and simultaneous downloading and uploading from the web is possible with the help of two antennas of ATRIX. The Smartphone comes with a four-inch high-definition screen, a five mega-pixel camera and a video camera on the front for video calling. Additional benefit is the large on-board memory of the phone.

The technology development like these has secured consumers with a new level of security. This makes it different from other Smartphone. This Android phone is now available over the internet for 500 USD.


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