How to Protect your Photos

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Things You’ll Need:

  • Laminating Sheets
  • Blank DVD
  • organizing boxes

Step 1

Scan all of your pics into your computer and create a back up disc of them so you will always have them. Be sure to write what they are on the disk or case. I found that sometimes in moves or any big change it seems as though some of our pics either get ruined or lost. So I began saving them to a disk as soon as I get new pics.

Step 2

Gather all of your pics and get yourself some self laminating sheets. Follow MFG directions to laminate each photo. If you laminate all of them you will never have to worry about them getting wet or fading. Also if something happens to spill on the pic you can just wipe it off with out damaging your photos. Also prevents fingerprints.

Step 3

Now you can organize all of your pics into albums and or photo boxes for safe keeping. And rest assured that they are safe now.

Tips & Warnings

  • It works best if you use do it yourself laminating sheets and not the hot laminating machine. Some photos such as Polaroid instant pics are not able to handle that kind of heat. You really don’t want to risk any damage.

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