Lady Gaga Diy Halloween Space Costume

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Copyright 2011 Cherie Kuranko

Lady Gaga costumes are a perfect fit for Halloween costume ideas. Many of the costumes Lady Gaga wears can easily be made at home and don’t require a special artistic ability either.

Lady Gaga appeared in a spaced out costume of silver-gray and it is one of the cheapest, easiest Gaga Halloween costumes to create.

Materials for Lady Gaga Space Halloween Costume

Plush silver-gray bathrobe or fashion a robe from chenille fabric of the same color

Blonde wig Short haired

Swimming pool noodles – 3 or more depending on the size of the person costume is being made for



Sewing needle and gray thread

Silver-gray chenille fabric


If you haven’t purchased or borrowed a silver-gray plush bathrobe, fashion a toga style robe out of chenille fabric instead.

Measure the swimming noodles for your body. One noodle will wrap around your neck/chest area and hang loosely. Measure the noodle and cut to size.

Next, measure 2 noodles to wrap around your waist. They should also hang loosely and you can sew them to the robe later to avoid shifting later. Cut noodles to the proper size. These two noodles should be wired together, but not until after the fabric is added to them.

Using the silver-gray chenille type fabric, cover the measured noodles and stitch the seam closed on the reverse side.

To wire the waist noodles together, poke a small wire-sized hole through the fabric of the noodles and work it around the noodle, then continue to work the wire through the second noodle the same way. Using the pliers, twist the ends of the wire together so it will hold together well. You can then stitch the wire holes closed if you wish, but they won’t be noticeable if you place the holes on the side closest to your body when wearing the noodles around your waist.

Next, stitch the noodles to your robe around the neck or chest area and around the waist area so they won’t fall off.

To complete your Lady Gaga Space Halloween costume you should wear large sunglasses and a short blonde wig. Happy Halloween!


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