Looking For Amethyst Engagement Rings And Purple Amethyst Rings? Read This!

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Amethysts are the birth stone for February and if her birthday is in February it will be doubly special to present her with an amethyst engagement ring. Greek mythology gives an account of how this beautiful stone came into existence and how it came by its rich purple color.

Amethyst engagement rings have deeply religious associations and many faiths use it as a symbol of spirituality, sincerity, and purity, everything that is important to a couple that is about to wed. Purple is also considered to represent royalty, so present the queen of your heart with this beautiful gemstone.

Most amethysts are some shade of purple, from light lilac to deep rich purple. However, they can also come in shades of green. They are mined in Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Africa, and Australia. These rings rate a seven on the hardness scale, so they are a very good choice for jewelry worn on a daily basis (Opals are a one and Diamonds are a ten). Amethysts can be cut into any shape just like a diamond and can be placed into any type of setting.

Aside from being the birthstone for February, purple amethyst rings represent the sixth year anniversary of your marriage. Although the amethyst is not nearly as expensive as the diamond, the price can vary due to the size and color of the gemstone you choose for the engagement ring.

Amethyst engagement rings are affordable, due to recent discovery of mines in Brazil and Russia.  Amethyst engagement rings are priced from $200 to a little over $1,000. Thus, an amethyst engagement ring is one of the most affordable choices of engagement rings in the market. The costliest part of an amethyst ring is oftentimes the setting or accent stones.

Taking care of amethyst engagement rings is very easy, simply soap and water. Do not place in an ultrasonic cleaner, avoid rapid temperature changes, and avoid contact with household cleaners to ensure that your amethyst remains intact for many, many years.

Many of the big named jewelers will carry amethyst engagement rings. Yet, picking a ring a ring that says “I cherish you” is hard to do because there are so many choices out there. Hopefully this has helped you to narrow your search for an engagement ring to the beauty of the amethyst.


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