Canadian Engagement Rings

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 Canada produces the majority of Excellent and Ideal round brilliant diamond cuts. Discoveries of deposits in the Northwestern territories in the 80s led to the opening of a number of high-producing diamond mines and positioned Canada as a major player in the diamond world. Within the next decade, Canada is projected to be one of the world’s top diamond producers.  Diamonds being extracted from mines in Canada are yielding some of the largest, cleanest, whitest gemstones on the market.  Canada has become a major player  in the diamond trade in the last decade.  They now produces 15% of all diamonds in the market and account for approximately 80% of all Excellent and Ideal cut makes. 

Canada Mark, a global commodities powerhouse, is the main supplier of many Canadian Diamond brands, and their company traces all diamonds mined in Canada to ensure compliance with the Canadian government’s diamond certification program. 

Another reason why people prefer these engagement rings are because they are considered to be conflict-free. Diamond profits have often been considered as”blood money” in certain areas of the world. They have been linked to violence, terrorist activities, and the exploitation of diamond mine workers. Conflict diamonds have caused devastation in certain countries, such as in Africa, where civil wars have erupted, killing hundreds of thousands of people.   Canadiam diamonds are often carefully tracked through cutting, polishing, and transport. This ensures that the diamonds supply is not corrupted by illicit or conflict diamonds.

Some diamond experts feel that any stone mined in Canada are genuine Canadian diamonds and therefore conflict-free. However, others also take into consideration where the stone was cut and polished. To find out the full details of a stone’s orgins, ask for the paperwork that indicates the stone’s exact whereabouts prior to reaching the jewelery store

Finding these rings may take a little work. Canadian diamonds are said to cost around 10 percent more than a diamond wtih the same characteristics from elsewhere. If you’re not a Canadian resident or don’t have the luxuary of visiting Cananda than you may have to roll up your sleeves and do some intensive online research.


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