How to Treat and Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis at Home

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  Bacterial Vaginosis, also known as “BV” can be one of the most uncomfortable and inconvenient infections a woman can endure.  The symptoms can be painful burning and itching accompanied by excessive discharge with odor.  Typically, the vagina has a lot of “good” bacteria and some “bad” bacteria. The good types help control the growth of the bad types.  When this balance is disrupted the infection can occur.  Although there are many ways a woman can develop the infection it is difficult to determine exactly what the cause is. 

 There are several factors that can contribute to BV, these include: improper wiping after using the restroom (back to front rather than front to back), multiple sex partners, commercial douching and low immune system.  Some ways to avoid BV is to bathe before and after having sexual intercourse, avoid commercial douching, and avoid smoking and consuming alcohol as it lowers the immune system.

  Avoiding contributors can help the infection from returning but treatment is key when signs begin to occur.  If treatment by a Gynecologist is sought out it is likely antibiotics will be prescribed.  The two most common antibiotics are Metronidizole or Tinidizole.  They are either a pill taken orally, or a vaginally inserted cream.  Usually the infection can clear up in the matter of days but treatment is advised for 7 days.  Be cautioned that these forms of treatments may result in a vaginal Yeast Infection as well as result in lack of effectiveness while using certain forms of birth control such as condoms. 

  This convential treatment may work for most women, but not for all.  At home remedies may be useful to women who have exhausted all western medicinal treatments or for those who simply prefer not use these methods.  An at home remedy is to use a douche consisting of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and warm water.  An organic apple cider brand such as Braggs containing “the mother” which is a formation of enzymes, is important to use to see any results.  The process can be repeated twice a day. To help relieve any external discomfort such as itching and burning organic plain yogurt may be used.  Also sitting in a tub of vinegar and warm water will alleviate symptoms.  Another form of treatment is a organic tea tree suppository that can be purchased at your local health food store.  Tea tree oil is known for it’s antibacterial qualities which is helpful to use not only as a method of treatment but occasionally as a preventional method. 

  Each individual will have different results with different methods.  Always consult with your physician before you attempt any form of treatment.  BV may be a obstacle for a time, but if focus is set on prevention there should be infrequent occurences in the future. 


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