How To Make More Residual Income Using Cashcrate

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What is Cashcrate? It is a paid survey program that is among the few reputable ones to be found on the internet. There are many paid survey sites but most are “funnel sites” that trick you into joining by offering several easy to take surveys, but then funnel you on to other survey sites where you have to pay a fee to join, etc.

Cashcrate is different in that it has a very low payout of only $20. They do not funnel you off into other paid survey sites. Instead you make money by taking product surveys, participating in trial offers such as movie rental clubs or credit card offers. You earn cash when you complete a trial offer, for which you may later back out of. Trial offers may include things you are going to buy anyway so it is a win – win situation for you as a consumer.

In addition to earning from taking surveys and trial offers, you earn by referring others. If you follow this link to Join Cashcrate I earn a referral. You don’t earn any less for using my link and  a little karma is a good thing I believe.

Others can follow your own referral ID and you earn revenue from those that follow you. They earn just as much as if they joined directly.

How To Maximize Your Cashcrate Earnings

Here is how I maximize my Cashcrate earnings. I search Cashcrate every day for new offers. I usually find a couple that are of interest to me. I use a simple program called Roboform that automatically fills out much of the survey form for me. Then I clear my Firefox cookies so that I can take more offers from the same company. This is perfectly ok.  I dedicate at least a half hour a day to Cashcrate. If you follow these easy steps you can begin making some good, lasting residual income.

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