How To Make Money With Ehow

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Pick a good and unique article title

This is the first thing people see when searching for an article. A jumpy title will catch their eye and get you some more page views.

Keep your steps short and easy to read.

Steps that are too long will turn off the reader. Keep things simple and easy to accomplish.

Ad picture, tips, warnings, etc.

These help the reader connect to the article and provide little tidbits of information to help the reader accomplish their goal.  (Keep it clean ladies and gents)

Pick good key words

Picking commonly used key words and search words for your article will get you no where, for instance using the key word money is almost entirely worthless. Pick something like work from home or something online money instead of just money.

Get Those Page Views

The more page views you can get the higher the chance someone is going to click on an ad and the more money you will recieve.

Keep your Profile Updated

By updating your profile constantly and updating the 5 sites you want everyone to see and click you will get some more quality page views.

Promote Yourself!!!!

Promote yourself.  You may get people to follow you and read all of your work.  You may also get others to recomend you, give you higher ratings, and comment on your articles.  This is especially true if you have well written shorter articles that are straight to the point.

All of these tips should help you become more successful on  Pretty soon you will be raking in the cash.  Goodluck


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