My Story of Letting Go

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Let Go

                      Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting the person, it involves overcoming what is in the past. A lot of people hesitate to let go because they fear they will lose everything they have hold on to. They hold on to unhealthy ways and damaged relationships because it is what they are familiar with. Therefore, they are not always ready to share themselves to others.

                     Before we know so much about somebody, there is always what we call an introduction. Some introductions happen by accident and some by plan. Just like what happened between me and my friend. We were introduced to each other because accidentally we belong in the same school. When we first met, we were both very shy. Yet after that, every time we met there’s always an exchange of his and hellos, and we started to have a constant communication. Our friendship then began to grow, like a seed planted on the ground.

                    Good friendship starts with friends opening up to each other. We shared worries, fears, troubles, crushes, problems, and sometimes even about our embarrassing moments of the day. Our friendship didn’t just end there; it became better each day. We became close friends and started hanging out with each other, even spending a long time talking about the latest gossips, and most especially about our love life. Several weeks passed, we called ourselves best of friends. We helped each other especially in the time when we needed each other the most.  We understood each other better, and it’s like there’s no more boundary between us. Everything that happened about our friendship was awesome, so I thought.

                     Occasionally, when we think that our relationship with others is in the highest peak, we feel good and feel so pleased about it. But when things are starting to get worse, we feel so down because we never expected things to take place that way. That is what happened between me and my friend. There was something wrong; we didn’t hang out with each other anymore; we just texted all the time. Yet, we didn’t seem friends at all personally. And then, something tragic happened that made me very angry, and I started to ignore my friend. Months passed, I just woke up realizing that there was nothing left, but my memory about my friend, and how things has turned out so badly between us that had led us to not being friends anymore.

Letting go into who you really are is the greatest gift you can give to the world. As you let go of problems, judgments, resentments, and most importantly, all the beliefs and messages that are not your highest truth, you become free to express your authentic self with others and share your true gifts with the world.  Letting go, bit by bit, and embracing what’s new, you can let go.” –  by Gini Grey, Transformational Coach

                  I was sad about what happened between us. But, somehow I realized that some things in life are not really meant to last. We meet different people every day. Some leave a footprint in our heart, and some leave a heart ache. What I did was I decided to let go. Not in the means of forgetting my friend, but rather letting go by starting something new.  You can never really forget someone; even if that someone has caused you pain, no matter how hard you try a part of you will always remember that person and how you got that pain. But now, I can say that what Gini Gey said is true. I’ve let go of my past and ready to share myself with others. 


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