Modern Romantic Love Relationship

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Someone said that: “Waiting for the one you love is the most important and the only thing to prove that you truly love that certain person; however, if you can’t wait for that person, you are obviously playing with him/her.” When you say love relationship, it only means about a girl-boy relationship. It is a mutual feeling, connection and understanding between a man and a woman. It’s like two magnets when they attract each other and bind as one forever. More often, as you observe the youth today, their love relationships differ from the present in several aspects.

            There are two kinds of love relationship today: true and false love relationships. Having a true girl-boy relationship of today’s generation is quite difficult to find, unlike before. It is because many people can’t be trusted and do not truly love their partners. They have childish attitudes. People treat it just like an easy game. Some take it as revenge. Those were the primary reasons why true love-relationships are hard to find in today’s generation.

                 True love relationship between a girl and a boy is quite amazing for certain reasons and qualities. You could notice if a person loves you truly. He loves you truly because he will give time to spend with you no matter how long it is, especially when it is needed like when you have problems and conflicts. You would definitely know because he will give effort no matter how heavy it is just for you to be contented and to be satisfied.  Effort, loyalty, honesty, taking a great big responsibility and loving that lucky person with no doubts and hesitations could be some of the qualities of a true lover. If he can wait anytime for you, it could be one of the proofs that he really loves you. If he could fight anyone just for you, if he would not surrender no matter what happens, and if he will take every challenge that will come into your life, especially when it’s about your parents, those acts could prefer him that he loves you truly. Of course, if he loves you that much, you would feel the feeling of having no one except that person you love, and feel that he can live with you for eternal life.

            True love relationship of today can rarely be found than before. It is because before, people don’t know how to play with a person’s feelings. They love that certain person seriously. They even believe in the saying, “Love at first sight”. On the contrary, true love relationship in present time is quite rare because there are many people who only play. There are people who only take relationships as their revenge. Many people love thousands of persons at one time. Therefore, the love relationship before is nice to experience than of today.

            On the other hand, there are many bad qualities in a false love relationship. You could also notice if he doesn’t truly love you. It can easily be found today because young ones have it often unlike before. For example, when he is only playing with you like he’s so effortless, doesn’t take his responsibility, doesn’t take good care of you and doesn’t really care no matter what you do. Another one is that, many people enter love relationships only for revenge and bets only to win from his friends. Some because of boredom and they badly wanted to joke around. Some are only forced to enter love relationships. Some also enter love relationships because of curiosity and ignorance. Due to these causes and qualities mentioned above, many people get hurt easily; many will be addicted of doing it; many people do these practices as they influence other people, and when they’ve influenced other people already, it only means that these bad practices will spread and will continue all over the whole cycle in our lives. Many will get hurt and have suicide, and many will hurt other people.

            As you can see, love relationships of before have a big difference than of today because there are only few people who love their partners truly and with loyalty, and there are more people who play with one’s feelings. Do you think that there’s still certain person who love you so true just around you? Oops! Maybe there is! Beware of those people who pretend to be just your friends, because many people are ulterior. They pretend to be just your friends in image but deep inside, they really wanted to be half of your life. And if, there’s one person who will truly confess his love to you, just observe. Wait. Don’t search for another. Give patience. Maybe he is telling the truth, and when he does, don’t let him go away. For that kind of person is very hard to find. Yes, there are many fishes in the sea, but there is only one special fish that cannot be replaced nor found anytime, anywhere. But, however, if you notice something not acceptable about that person or something doubtful, don’t waste your time dealing with it. Why not look for another? Or just wait for your perfect time to have a worthy guy. Don’t let yourself to have a broken heart. You don’t deserve to have that. In fact, there are also many bad fishes in the sea. Why not wait for that special one? He is the only one that could make your life wonderful and colorful. That could make you feel happy, comfortable and contented. Do not hurry in love. Just wait, for God gives a perfect guy for you in a right time and at a right moment.


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