Bathtime Love Potion

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Experiencing that “between boyfriends” period? Can’t seem to get back on the dating horse? Sure, you could just ask friends and neighbours for set-ups, or throw a “bring a spare boyfriend/girlfriend” party – and indeed, these tactics could work. But why not give yourself every chance of making the most of any results you might get from these relatively normal avenues of enquiry? Why not use a touch of magic? It’s easy to employ sorcery to help you meet the boy or girl of your dreams. Don’t worry, we’re not talking frog’s eyes or bat wings!

All you’ll need to perform this simple spell are a bathtub, a few herbs, some candles and a positive attitude. To begin with, you’ll need to choose the best time to perform the spell. if you have an upcoming social event where you might meet someone new and exciting, then that’s the best day to work the spell. If your social calendar resembles a wasteland, then wait till the full Moon to cast it.

(In the meantime you could try arranging some outings with friends!) Whichever day you’ve chosen, you’ll need to gather some supplies together before hand. You will need seven rose-pink or red candles, seven copper pennies or cents, and a handful each of patchouli leaves, red rose petals and orange blossoms. These herbs can be obtained dried from your local herb store, new age shop or online. On the evening of your spell-working, take a regular bath or shower first, then wait until you can see the evening star in the sky before beginning the spell. (You can wear a bathrobe or go naked, as you see fit.) Bow seven times to the evening star, and then hit the kitchen.

Boil up a pan or kettle of water and pour the water over the mixed herbs in a heatproof bowl. Let the mixture stew for a few minutes. Use this time to think about the type of relationship you’d like to be in. Try to focus on the things *you* can bring to the relationship rather than the qualities you want to find in a partner – after all, this spell is to make you more attractive to potential partners! Strain the herbs out of the water, otherwise you’ll end up with wet plant matter stuck all over the tub.

Draw a fresh bath. Light the seven candles around the tub with the words: “By the light of one, may my desire find fulfilment. By the light of two, may my desire find fulfilment. By light of three…” and so on. Obviously you should turn off the light in the bathroom! Now pour the potion into the tub. Toss the seven pennies into the tub after it, as if your bathtub was a wishing-well. As you toss each penny in, make a sincere and heartfelt wish for new love to enter your life, out loud preferably, although you can whisper if you have nosy roommates or similar! Get into the tub and relax, luxuriating in the candlelight and the scent of the herbs.

Don’t use soap or other products; that’s what the regular shower or bath you took earlier was for. Spend as much time in the bath as you can, wallowing in thoughts of love and dreams of romance. If you like, you may pray out loud to any divine power you believe in to assist in your spell. (If you don’t have a particular religion, then prayers to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, mistress of love, desire and beauty, would be appropriate; you can find lots of them on the net.) When the water begins to cool, get out and allow the potion to air dry on your body – don’t towel it off! Reserve a bowl of the bathwater for later use, and then allow the tub to drain.

Reserve the pennies also. Get dressed in your most attractive clothes and jewellery, and put on makeup if you are a woman. Don’t apply any perfume or cologne, however, as this will interfere with the subtle scent of the potion; try to use a scentless deodorant crystal or similar. Get dressed up in your finery even if you’re not going out that evening – it’s amazing what a boost looking your best even around the house can give you! When you’re looking your best, whether you’re a man or a woman, take the reserved bowl of bathwater outside your front door and pour it out on your doorstep; if you live in an apartment block you may have to improvise and do it at dead of night! This is to draw a lover to your very door. The pennies should be donated to a charity box as soon as possible; as you donate them, whisper “Seven pennies for love”.

Then you may go about your business! If you’re going out, snuff the candles with your fingers or a spoon – don’t blow them out! If you’re staying in for the evening, allow them to burn down of their own accord. In the time following the casting of your spell, make every effort to meet new people and go to new places. Of course, at all times, exercise caution when meeting strangers and always meet in a public place.

Why not tell your single friends about this spell? Then you can all use it before going out together! Make this spell a part of your dating arsenal. It can be repeated every full Moon to maximise your chances of finding love. If you cast it well and sincerely, though, in my experience it won’t be long before you’re happily involved with a wonderful person. Good luck, and good spellcasting!


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