How Well Do You Know Your Cat Who Chose You?

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Cat lovers are made, not born. The fact is, they are converts, and the cats are the missionaries. Cat haters turn into cat lovers the instant a cat gets in their lives.  Some may even be cat haters. But t that tiny kitten can completely captivate them, say, under ten minutes. It can happen to anyone.

In most instances, we don’t think about acquiring a cat—a cat acquires us. So rather than describing the huge variety of breeds that are available for your choice, this might help you identify the type of cat you’ve acquired through chance.  The number one thing that influenced your decision was availability. The cat was already there and so were you. If you personally chose one over another or from a group of many, your reasons were the best in the world. You loved the way it appeared. There was something about the mix of this certain cat’s coloring and eyes, or the way it was marked, that attracted you. There is no better or more dependable way to select a cat. Your heart knows, but do not lose your head if the cat of your choice exhibits any signs of poor health.

Odds are your house pet didn’t come with a pedigree. No worries—every cat is something. The following will tell you what to say if people ask you what type of cat you have. Due to the inherent dignity of this animal, he deserves to be addressed something better than a stray or an alley cat. Regardless how confusing his lineage might be, he will come out with definite features that automatically give him a label.  No such thing like “just plain old cat.” As dogs crossbreed they incline to lose their identity, but cats invariably keep a recognizable part of theirs. If your cat isn’t a clean-cut model of a pedigree standard, he would still show the influences of his dominant genes.

Of all the breeds that are distinguished by the cat fanciers’ associations in the U.S., only some are totally different in look that they can be differentiated on sight. For the most part, the differences are subtle and even the breeders don’t readily agree. For sure, these minute differences are of no consequence whatsoever to the ordinary cat lover. The relationship between you and your cat is such that when he doesn’t have tufts of fur between his toes, or if his black body had three white hairs, you would still give him tuna dinner.


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