How To Incorporate Exercise On Your Vacation

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There are many activities that can be incorporated into your exercise regime whilst on a vacation.  Whether the vacation is taken by a beach, in a caravan or near mountains and snow there are many ways to keep up your fitness routine.  Here a few examples.


If the vacation is by a beach or a pool then swimming is an excellent sport to take up.  It is one of the best exercises, whilst away.  It will help the body to keep fit and healthy, working every muscle and giving you strength and vitality.  It will, also, burn lots of calories compensating for all those extra foods eaten.  If you cannot swim, then just simple movements such as jumping or walking in the pool will help.


This is another exercise that can easily be taken up on vacation.  An hour walk a day can make the world of difference.  Take a walk to the beach, to the shops, sightseeing walks or stroll after dinner in the evening.  It doesn’t have to be a strenuous walk, just easy steps to give you some movement whilst on holiday.

Water Skiing

If you are an avid swimmer and love water sports, then water skiing is a good exercise too.  Take the chance and get out there in the water if this is available.  Show off your talents at this sport.  Be a devil!

Pedal  Boats

Hiring a pedal boat at the beach can give you some form of exercise if you pedal it.  It will work those leg muscles and keep them in shape.  You will not have to worry about having to work out at a gym.

Ride A Bicycle

Hire a bike and ride it.  Take yourself out to see the sights around you.  This is an energetic way to keep you in shape whilst eating your favourite foods.  It’s a brilliant way to tone the body too and burning all those excess calories that have been eaten.

Horse Riding

If this is available as an excursion such as taking a ride along a beach or through countryside then take the opportunity of doing it.  It’s still exercising.


If you are on a skiing vacation, then skiing will be the ultimate exercise here.  If you cannot ski then learn.  Even the smallest of movements will be helpful.

Wind Surfing

This is, also, a beach one.  Wind surfing can keep the body in tone, as you are using your balance to keep afloat.  So, if you love this sport then don’t hesitate to get into the water and giving it a go.


If you are able to surf or can take lessons, then it will tone your body perfectly.  The movement and balancing effect is an excellent form of exercise.

Using a Gym

If your hotel has a gym then definitely take advantage of this.  Visit the gym once a day after breakfast or even before, as morning is the best time for working out.  This would be a great way of not having to loose out on your daily regime, whilst being away from home.  It’s not something that most people want to do when on holiday, but it will still keep you in shape if there is no other work outs available to you.

Overall, I would say that swimming, walking, skiing, riding a bike and pedalling a boat to be the most used form of exercise for the majority of people whilst on holiday.  Of course, all of the above are still useful ways of keeping yourself in trim, whilst still eating your favourite foods when on vacation.


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