Email Marketing Basics and Why

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When using email today there are certain rules you should abide by to not only get your message across to your reader but also to get your message read. Too many people format their email’s like they think they should be when what they really should be doing is formatting the way the reader is seeing it. Always think about your reader and how your message is coming across to them.

Here are a few rules to follow when writing email’s.


Always format your email’s to no more than 65 characters or less, wide. The reason for this is simple. Most programs such as Outlook Express and Yahoo etc. will break lines in your email at 55 to 65 characters anyway and if you have written an email that is wider than this, your email will be all chopped up and very unattractive to your reader.

I’ve actually gotten email’s from so called experts in a particular field that don’t know about or choose not to follow this one simple rule that come through so chopped up that it’s extremely hard to read and sometimes, even if I’m interested in what they are talking about, it gets deleted before I finish reading it.


Never, ever use all capitals. Capitalization comes across to the reader as SCREAMING! Solution: Don’t do it.

Not only does it make you look very unprofessional it also takes away from the message you’re trying to convey. People are not stupid, they will understand what you’re saying and interpret it accordingly.

Only use all capitals when absolutely necessary to compound and particular point of interest. Even then use it sparingly and don’t get carried away.


Try to limit your email’s to preferably 200 words or less. People are in a hurry these days and don’t have time to read lengthy email’s that go on and on about less and less. State your point and get to the real reason for the email or your readers will be more likely to delete it before they get to the end. Stay focused and don’t get sided tracked with opinion and rambling.

Spelling and Grammar

When you receive an email with spelling and grammar errors not only does it make you appear very unprofessional it really demeans the central focus or your whole message. Always take the extra time to use a spell check. There are many programs that offer this feature such as Abiword 2.4 and NVU that are free to download and all you need to do is a Google search to find them.

If you are in business it’s ultra important to follow these simple rules because your reputation is on the line. Sending messages full of spelling errors not only hurts your credibility it can really hurt your bottom line which is profit.


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