The Five Advantages of Cheap Dedicated Servers

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There are a lot of companies and individuals today that are on the lookout for cheap dedicated servers for their websites. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since an affordable dedicated server has a lot of advantages over your average shared server. Five of those advantages are listed below, and they just cover the basics!


When you have your websites hosted on a dedicated server, that means that no other websites are housed on that server. Shared servers are owned by the hosting company that you purchase your shared hosting from, and it houses more of their other clients’ sites. The problem with having a shared server is that if one client does something crazy with their site or database and causes the server to malfunction, ALL the other sites on that server will get affected – even yours! Having your sites on cheap dedicated servers protects you from such issues, and also allows you more freedom to experiment with your own website codes and databases without worrying about affecting anyone else’s services.


Since your dedicated servers are yours and only yours, you can be assured that you’ll have faster loading times than sites hosted on shared servers. The amount of data contained in and transferred through a shared server affects the loading times of all sites hosted on that single server, and this can often cause loading times to suffer. With cheap dedicated servers, you don’t really have to worry about other people causing your loading speeds to slow down (or about YOU causing other people’s sites to slow down) when traffic to your sites increases.


Having your sites on your own servers doesn’t just allow you to configure the server as you please without worrying about other client websites hosted on it – it also means you don’t have to be tied down by the limitations that webhosts often place on shared hosting services. Remember that those cheap dedicated servers belong to you and not any other hosting client – what you choose to place in your servers and how you configure them is entirely up to you.


Shared hosting packages often have a limited amount of space for file and media storage compared to dedicated webhosting packages. If you have a lot of large files like photos, graphics, flash animation, music, videos, and other media to share with your customers, taking advantage of cheap dedicated servers and their ability to host unlimited storage space would be a great move for you.


A lot of people are under the impression that dedicated hosting is horribly overpriced compared to shared hosting, and cite this as the only drawback when opting for dedicated over shared. But that’s completely untrue now; these days, there are dedicated servers can be priced go almost nearly as low as a shared server. That’s a lot of bang for your buck considering all the other benefits a cheap dedicated server can provide for you!

Now that you know the advantages of an affordable dedicated server over your regular run-of-the-mill shared servers, why don’t you get out there and buy one for your own websites?


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