Living With an Ocd Monster

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After work today I went home and couldn’t wait to eat dinner, wash up and jump into bed. I always look forward to days like this when I can jump into bed and enjoy a good night sleep after a hard day of work. Thank God that Don was still at work or heavily asleep in his master bedroom. The kitchen is good grief down-stair. Why can’t I always work the swing shift so I never have to see him. He was always home in the morning until 3pm, which is when I would go to work. He just loves to torture me. My family is kind of an ocd family, especially Don, the dad, has the most severe form of ocd, alcoholism, and rudeness out of the entire family.

 Don made Hitler look so good. Our family would have loved to have Hitler as a dad instead of Don. God sure don’t bless certain people like me since bullying just never stops, and especially when  it’s from your dad. I can’t call him dad anymore because I don’t think that he deserves that title. No dad would harm their child so he’s a monster instead of a dad, a cruel, depressed, alcoholic monster. The good thing is that he’s old and old age will come and he will leave Earth one day and no one has to get hurt again. I often write short little paragraphs like these to ease the day. It sure makes me feel better that the monster legend is available for the world to read.

If you have ever watched the show Monk, then you would have an idea of the illness OCD. It’s a really bad one and more so if you have to live with them. You can’t barely breath if they’re around because they will tell you that your breath smells or that you need to breath only a certain amount of air. Yes, they can be this rude. I live with one for 30 years now and he loves to torture us over it. He doesn’t like to clean. He only do it to torture us because there is nothing else for him to keep his mind on. Yes, misery loves companies and he’s a miserable, depressed, alcoholic, who can’t seem to find happiness in his life, even though he has a wife and four kids.

Don has a daily routine. He will wake up around 7am and start to check to the kitchen. After he look at it, he will start to throw dishes around and make as much hurtful noise as possible so that people couldn’t sleep. Even if you work the graveyard shift, and you need your sleeping, he won’t care. He will vacuum the house, and throw the pots and he will turn on loud music so he can piss you off. Yes, this is an evil monster. This is not a human being that I’m describing. He will annoy you until you wake up.

He will then check on all the bathrooms, and shut the door in a maximum speed and take the trash and throw it around. He always does this because his sense is special. He then goes to your closet and tell you to refold your clothing so that it looks neat and nice. No matter how many times you organize it, it will never be good enough. He just want to torture you and he really doesn’t really care if it’s neat or not. I think God is counting everyone of his sin and he will repay for it one day. I think God have eyes and he will do us justice.

What is his dinner habit? He will then eat a lavish dinner by himself and make sure that no one else has dinner. Yes, this is a monster. If you know any worst monster let me know because I’ve never experience torture like this before. He is not all that wealthy. He lives off of his children but he always think he is the boss. No, you’re not the boss old monsters. He has repeat all of these habits for a total of ten years now. He will never change. It’s just sad how people can’t change. What will make them change? If they end up with cancer or they get struck by a car? It sure is enlightening to know that there are people of this quality on Earth.


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