Diy Tools: The Veneer Trimmer

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The veneer trimmer is another really useful accessory for your router, the veneer trimmer is made for the specific role of trimming hard plastic laminates, like formica, on counter tops and other veneered surfaces. It’s available as a stand alone tool or as a kit that converts your current router into a veneer trimmer.

The veneer-trimmer kit fits some but not all models of typical routers. If you’re interested in getting the veneer-trimmer kit to add to your collection of router accessories, check first if it would fit your present router. Besides the veneer-trimmer attachment, separate veneer trimmers are also available.

A feature that separates the complete veneer-trimmer unit from a standard router is its shape. This shape, and a wall guide bracket, enables the veneer trimmer to be guided along an irregular wall while at the same time scribing and trimming the back edge of a counter or other surface. The base for the kit is circular in shape, while the base for the veneer-trimmer unit is square.

The veneer-trimming kit comprises of a special base, a precision adjustable trim guide, and a carbide veneer-trim bit.  Also available for use with the veneer trimmer are carbide bevel cutters of numerous different bevels, combination carbide straight and bevel trim bits,  solid carbide trim saws, carbide flush trim cutters, veneer-trimmer arbor for saws, and carbide slotting cutter. The special base is attached to the router with four screws, and is readily interchangeable with the typical router sub-base. The precision adjustable trim guide bears two thumbscrews, one to adjust the distance of the trim cutter from the edge of the work, and the other to lock the setting of the first thumbscrew.

When making counter tops of decorative plastic laminates, allow for a slight excess of the laminate material when cutting it to size. When gluing this to the wood backing, be sure some of the excess overhangs each edge. Then trim this flush using your veneer trimmer.

The base of the veneer-trimmer unit leans 45 degrees on either direction to allow bevel trimming using a straight bit.  Carbide cutters cut plastics and formica easily without getting dull rapidly. The depth of the cut on the veneer-trimmer unit is operated with two thumbscrews. One raises or lowers the base in parallel channels, and the other locks the adjustment of the first. This process can be used to position the cutting portion of the bit, cutter, or saw at the level of the surface to be trimmed. If you’re using a stock router with the veneer-trimmer attachment, determine the depth of cut in the usual manner dictated for that router.


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