How Esop Increases Overall Productivity of an Organization ?

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ESOP ( Employees stock option plans) are Increasingly used as a great tools of motivation and organisational productivtiy for an effective organisation in India and abroad.

Now it is an organizational requirements that they have to go extra miles for their employees retention. The only way it has emerged in the current trend is ESOPs. Employees stock option plans. It is one of the initiative that is gaining momentum in terms of popularity.

After the outcome of global slowdown companies are seeking skilled employees who need  to stay with them for longer period rather than hiring more and more freshers. So companies are making plans keeping no stone unturned such as evolution of ESOPs in current scenario.

As we analyse ESOPs increases organizational productivity, a great motivational factors for employees to incrase their moral and performance. The main objective of ESOP is to devlop higher rate of employees participation and ownership in company’s profit so as to make them stay in the company for longer period. 

To make this plan effective, CEOs of companeis are to ensure that ESOP s an attractive, easy to administer and co-oridal in adoption nature with a series of regualatory measures. This is the primary duty of the chief adminstrative officers to implement  right plan at right time to make use of ESOP imparative in nature. 

In the trend of globalisation and steep competition each and every company likes to adopt such unique technique to make its organisational productivy more effective . Hence the usage of ESOP in an effective company not only increase the organisational productivity but the overal brand of company globally. 

If this is to implemented in each and everycompany then its plans and regulation of adopting ESOP would be more competitive in our society.  So the early birds of this plans will be more beneficial as compared to the comapneis who are thinking to emplement it latter. 

so in a nutshell it is again worthful to say that ESOP ( Employees stock option plans) are Increasingly used as a great tools of inspiration and overall productivity for an organisation whether in India and abroad.

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