How to Use The Top Five Alternative Ways to Get Your Google Adsense Account Created Without Stress

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Here are the paid to write articles website below and I have reviewed some of the best paid to write sites. All the paid to write sites are free to join, and publishing your articles is very easy to do. You don’t need to have any knowledge of website coding, and you can easily add pictures, videos and other widgets to your articles. With most paid to write sites your articles should be picked up by the major search engines within 48 hours after your content has been approved, and then you will be well on your way to making a sizeable extra income.
1. Bukisa
Opening a Bukisa account will enable you to write articles and get paid as you will need a Google Agsense account and this will enable you to receive 60% of the adsense earnings. This could also been another way of earning an extra income with Bukisa and though this is the only opportunity at the moment there is no other way to earn money other than Adsense on Bukisa and your articles will be ranked lower in the search engines than having the same articles published on Hubpages. However, it’s an easy place to publish your articles to, and articles only have to be 250 words long and that will take us to Hubpages details.
2. Hubpages
The each article you write on Hubpages is referred to as a hub and you are paid for it. They have a very nice system of Instead of earning a flat rate fee based on page views, they will pay you every-time an advertisement is clicked on your Hubpages and once you have an account setup with them, you will need to apply for a Google Adsense account using their link so that you will start to earn money on your articles every time someone clicks an ad on your page.
The Hubpages displays your Google adsense 60% of the time and their own Google ads 40% of the time. Also there are lots of other ways to earn money on Hubpages, such as inline ads, Ebay and Amazon. In addition to this, articles are picked up by Google very quickly once being published, and they rank much higher in the search engines than some other paid to write sites. Hubpages worth spending time to write articles about them and even posting to their site because of the search engine ranking and benefits you will drive from them.
3. Squidoo
The Squidoo another good site to publish your articles on and it is one of the original paid to write sites, and each article that you produce is called a lens. The Squidoo payment system is different from all the other sites, as the money is pooled together and is split between the best ranked lenses at the end of it. You can make some money on the Squidoo program but you need to keep active on the site by updating your articles regularly so that your lens rank doesn’t fall. If you lens ranks falls below 100,000, it’s unlikely that your lens will not make any money for that month and that’s is why you have to keep posting articles to the site daily or weekly to keep your ranking very high.
Though the pattern of their ranking is high, the measurement of earnings is too small but it is still good to try something with them especially since they ranking very high online and it could be your opportunity to follow rank your other site with them and your blog. As you can put a link about your website and blog.
4 Xomba
Xomba is another good site to publish your articles on it. This paid to write site is very much like Hubpages as you will need a Google Adsense account to start earning money.  The Xomba will allow you to publish shorter articles than other paid to write sites and but you should get more articles up and running as you keep posting articles time to time. Though your articles will not be ranked as high on Google as with other paid to write sites such as Bukisa and Hubpages but it is still make money online and it is also a nice place to start earning income online.
5. Triond
The Triond is a get paid to write articles website that has so many people in their data based and it a very good site to sign up with. Triond is very much like Bukisa as you receive a flat rate fee every-time someone views your article. The flat rate fee depends on which one of Triond sites they publish your article on.  The payment ranges from say a cent for every 3-8 pages views and your earnings are updated daily. The page editor is very easy to use, I mean for writing and posting of the articles and once your article is published which is usually take up to 24 hours, your article will be allow to published and it will be access as many top site as the articles will be upgraded to many major search engines almost immediately the articles is published online and it’s allow to be view by the editor and the admin of the site.
The opportunity of making money in two ways comes when you’re able to insect Google Adsense to your articles as the one way and the Triond will also still pay you their own reward for you, though, you direct earnings from Triond will decrease slightly, to make way for the Google Ads on your posted articles. Plus there are regular special months where you can increase your earnings up to 20% by writing more articles and the option is based on your regular writing of articles to the site. But why promoting another website when you can promote your blog and still make money. Yes. This is the issue I will deal on come next week. Thanks for reading our articles continue to upgrade your knowledge and get updates as you visit daily.


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