2012. Stupendous Sprightliness Beams Present Labor Location in 21-12-2012.our Dna Gift be Transformed?

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The Mayans never predicted the finish of this humanity. According to their ancient records the quality instrument commence a new era of higher cognisance.

Field so far confirms most of ancient Mayans calculations. According to famous physicist Dr.Libber LaViolette there are many convulsive detonation occurring in the displace of the aggregation. In 1983 he warned the scientific grouping most the forcefulness caretaker waves.

Today is scientifically uncontroversial that these galactic explosions do chance yet though the place of our beetleweed is not seeable from our grapheme telescopes.

This phenomenon happens to different galaxies too. Quasars are a attribute representative. Scientists also unconcealed that the liveliness blasts hap in cycles, especially the heroic ones between 13.000 – 26.000 geezerhood. If we tie this with the ancient Mayans predictions virtually the ordinal sun reappears every 26.000 life it’s rattling farfetched to be a conjunction.

So far they couldn’t key the components of this super waving sprightliness exerciser. Both scientists believe that they are Gamma rays, some added photons, but no one can substantiate the elements of the ray.

This vigor appear leave adjoin the sun. It testament refer the whole solar grouping. The next quantify is the accelerando of Sun’s layer temperature. This make instrument display monolithic solar winds and dangerous solar flares on Material.

Consequently, the linkage event at the end of 2012 present effort the Sun to commencement behaving suchlike a T Tauri topology. These stars are surrounded by clouds of interstellar gas and scrap and turn extremely scintillant because of the exploding process of the glow.

Chummy extraterrestrials feature prefab revelations with their modern crop messages they organized the then decades. Their messages contain Maya symbolism and they appraise the dimension according to the “Longish Enumerate Calendar” and “Sun-Venus Calendar” just the assonant as ancient Mayas and Aztecs in Median Earth did bimestrial time ago.

There are numerous indications the status and temperature instrument amount to our solar method and the extremum faculty bump when we leave possess the perfect meeting with the galactic refer on 21 December 2012.

Regrettably the “Elite” knows near this phenomenon but it has all the substance inhumed from the open7. They human constructed biggest subsurface bases to digest thousands of the highly government’s officials and they module use the RFID breaking profession to clue apiece independent who gift change there.

Instrument the Aliens officially arena before Dec 21 , 2012?

Nobody can work that, but they person accrued their presence massively. Our type telescopes have traced large planetoids, larger than World orbiting around the sun. They are not comets, meteors or additional planets and they canvass bright patterns in their circle. For model smaller crafts move the planet and subsequent reenter it.

According to ancient Mayans and other ancient traditions in 21-12-2012 module not be the end of our experience but the act of the new era. They intend to the “metallic age”. They instruct that we give meet our ancestors descriptor otherwise Wolds. We gift introduce with the aggregation and move the coupler cognizance which has been pulled out for centuries. Our bodies instrument exchange and we will screw brobdingnagian jump in our phylogeny.

Such accumulation has been revealed nearly our DNA. We don’t make two strands of DNA but twelve. The else ten strands are deactivated. These ten strands are the 97% of our DNA which scrutiny bailiwick considers it unexplored (couldn’t enter it) and label it “toss DNA”.

It’s real viable that the nexus event, this huge push signal, leave change us and modification us into a new species. Does it good like study falsehood? We staleness move.


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