Top 10 Losers Athletes Who Are Deadbeat Dads

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Total Pro Sports – In honor of the the latest Chris Bosh accusation made by his former girlfriend Allison Mathis that he is a deadbeat dad. We have compiled a list of who we think are the Top 10 Athletes Who Are Deadbeat Dads.

Deadbeat parent – Is a pejorative term referring to parents of either gender the have liberally exact not to be a financially supportive parent in such a children’s lives. Primarily exhausted in the US and Canada, the gender-specific deadbeat dad and deadbeat mom are commonly used by the child support agency to refer to men and women who undergo fathered or mothered a child and willingly fail to pay child support ordered by a family law court or statutory agency such as the Child Support Agency. [Wikipedia]

Yes, a deadbeat dad is clearly one who tries to avoid paying for child support. But in our certainty not paying for child support and fathering a large number of children among most women is not only opposite to the values and morals set out by our society, it too ethically inappropriate for public figures who affects the vulnerable minds of their young and old fans. Can their be knew a deadbeat dad? We are able to leave this up to you to choose and to the conscious of each of these kinds of individuals that we hold with many incredible esteem.

10. Chris Bosh – We don’t can identify easily yet if he the prototypical deadbeat dad, but he is being accused by his former live in girlfriend Allison Mathis. We hope Chris can pull over this because he is a insane guy and probably means no harm.

Willis McGahee9. Willis McGahee – Everyone probably remembers McGahee a good total amount of for his gruesome knee injury during the Fiesta Bowl. But Willis McGahee causes our list for invested in 3 children with 3 multiple women in a short amount of time. Reportedly 2 of the children are with 2 multi school educators and one of whom was married at the time.

Glen Anderson8. Glen Anderson – Who would have thought an NHL’er could have been on the list? Glen Anderson is most famous for profitable 5 Stanley Cups investing in the Edmonton Oilers and another with the New York Rangers. He represented Canada at the 1980 Olympic Games and represented Canada twice at the World Championships and the Canada Cup. Back in July of 2002 Glen Anderson engaged jail time because he failed to pay his monthly child support totaling the amount of $112,000 owing to his consequently 12 year old son.

Mike Tyson7. Mike Tyson – What would a top 10 list be with out Mike Tyson. Tyson has five children from 3 various mothers. Even if Tyson does substantiation his children you own to feel sorry for the kids who call Iron Mike such a father.

Karl Malone6. Karl Malone – Most serves to remember Karl Malone for his illustrious basketball career amidst the Utah Jazz. But did you appreciated which NFL tackle, Demetrius Bell is an offspring of Karl Malone. Karl has never had any get hold of with Demetrius who is grandpa had him at the age of 13 decades old when Malone was a sophomore at Louisiana Tech. When Bell was 18, Malone delivered a harsh message that, according to various reports, amounted to, “It’s too late for me to be your father, and you will afford your funds on your own.”

Evander Holyfield5. Evander Holyfield – Professional Boxer Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield had a career that the majority of people serves to only dream of in 42 wins, 10 losses and 2 draws. Holyfield is reported to have at least 11 children, with numerous women. Not bad for a guy who was at one time a born yet once again Christian.

Kenny Anderson4. Kenny Anderson – Is several remembered for in posession of out after he was traded to the Toronto Raptors. Back in August of 2006 the New York Post believed overly the former NBA All-Star is a deadbeat dad. He stiffed at least five of his seven children since resigning the NBA, three women in whom he has kids confirmed. Tami Roman his initial wife says he owes the children right about $100,000.

Ricky Jackson3. Ricky Jackson – Nobody probably remembers 6 time Pro Bowler Ricky Jackson. Ricky played among the New Orleans Saints for 12 years and was honored in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame. Ricky makes our list for top deadbeat dads as he has an outstanding child support plan of $130,000 and is “one of the ten most wanted deadbeats in Louisiana”.

Shawn Kemp2. Shawn Kemp – Shawn Kemp wins the runner up award, he played in the NBA for 14 seasons with the Seattle Sonics, Cleveland Cavaliers, Portland Trailblazers and the Orlando Magic. But Shawn are able to be remembered most for his sleeping around. Shawn had 7 children investing in 6 different women and it has been rumored the current there were far more. Kemp also had his confrontations among the law back, in April of 2005 he Kemp was arrested in Shoreline, Washington he was at last at last found among cocaine, about 60 grams of marijuana and a semiautomatic pistol.

Travis Henry1. Travis Henry – I remember the days when Travis Henry was putting up enormous rates for my fantasy football team. Now, he has fathered a football assembly of his own, undergoing eleven children providing ten unique women. Say how you ought to about Henry, but at minimum he is consistent. Those stats indicate him the undisputed king of Athletic deadbeat dads.


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