How to Select an Autoresponder For Your Business

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What are Autoresponders?

As the name suggests, Autoresponders are computer programs that when enabled, automatically respond to an email. These vary in usage from simple to complex. They are used as marketing tools in the e-mail arena by sending information to people who have requested for it and then following up with them through automated e-mails.

How do Autoresponders work?

An Autoresponder is programmed in such a way that once an email is sent to the mentioned address, it sends back the requested information to that email. Not only that, it also stores a list of the email addresses and the information that it has sent them. In this way, the Autoresponder program helps in creating a list of genuine customers who are interested in your product. Hence, as an marketer, you can then follow up with these people and take your sale to the next level. They can also be used to send broadcast emails to a large number of people at the same time. They can also be programmed to send emails with specific content to specific people at specific times of the day or year. They help you effectively manage your customer relations as well as your email marketing campaigns.

What to look for in Autoresponder services?

As the rise and fall of your income from your business is going to be dependent on how genuine and how long the list of your loyal customer base is, it is important to have a reliable Autoresponder service. You can look for the following features in it:

a. Maximum number of contacts to be included in the lists
b. Ability to customize the forms, use multiple templates and add or delete fields as required.
c. Ability to detect duplicate and fake email ids and delete them from the database
d. Facility for importing mailing list
e. Support of Unicode, HTML, hyperlinks and images while setting up emails
f. Facilitate in creation of surveys as well as web forms
g. Facilitate hosting of images
h. Schedule and send emails as required
i. Facility to make sure your emails do not go into the receivers’ spam box
j. Subscriber segmentation ability as per demographics, email activity, etc.
k. Facility to track status of emails, clicks, conversions, etc.
l. Integration of social media as required
m. Integration of Google Analytics as required
n. No limit on follow up messages sent
o. Live chat options

Many companies offer these Autoresponder services. Most of these companies offer a trial period so that you can get a feel of the software and see if it works for you. They are priced depending on the number of contacts you want to set as maximum in your list. The larger list, the higher the monthly cost. In order to make sure that you have reliable and genuine information about your loyal customer base, it is advisable to invest in an Autoresponder service. Make sure to compare autoresponder services before signing up for one.

Proper utilization of an Autoresponder can help increase sales and profits for your business.


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