Home Business Prospecting: When You Need, They Run

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Go back to a time when you were talking with someone, and you knew there was something they needed from you, but didn’t tell you up front.

We’ve all had this kind of thing happen to us. You’re with a friend. They’re making small talk. It’s pleasant. They’re smiling. You’re smiling back.

But there’s something in the air. Just a little bit of tension.

You know there’s something they’re not telling you yet, but they’re looking for a place to sneak it into the conversation.

“Oh, the wife and kids are fine. Did you see the ballgame last night? Oh, by the way, can you lend me a thousand dollars?”

You can feel the sweat coming off them. There’s tension. It’s subconscious. But it’s real.

They need something from you. And you’re back on your heels.

Or it might be a good friend, and you’re willing to give them what they want.

But you do it out of friendship. Not because there’s anything in it for you, other than to help someone…or to feel good yourself because you helped someone.

The other way this works sometimes: you get a phone call or an email from someone. Or maybe they get the courage to visit you in person.

“Look, Joe, I’m in some trouble. I need (fill in the blank) from you or something really bad is going to happen.”

Of course you want to help that person. Unless this is the fifth time they’re coming to you for emergency help. Then you want to tell them to get their life in order and to stop asking you to rescue them.

Now, think about how you’re approaching the people you prospect for your network marketing business.

How much are you projecting this kind of need?

Sometimes it’s obvious. The words you use can scream desperation. “Please join my business so I can make my house payment, send my kid to college, get my spouse off my back, etc.”

And sometimes it’s in the energy of the conversation. The words are fine, but your whole vibe is, “Please, oh PLEASE join my organization. I NEED you!!!”

House payments and school bills and angry spouses are perfectly good reasons for wanting to make money.

But your prospect doesn’t care about them. They have their own reasons.

And when you come at them with the energy of need, they back off. Same as your pals who feel like you’re sticking your hands in their pocket.

Is there a way to fix this? Yes. Actually a bunch of ways.

But they aren’t in any sales technique. There aren’t any magic words to use.

It’s all about getting strong, confident and at peace with yourself, no matter what your current situation is.

And the cool part…when you do that – when you can project that kind of strength to the outside world – it really doesn’t matter what your current situation is. You’ll get people interested in your business.

Because they’ll feel safe around you.


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