Which web applications that will be successful in the future?

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1- User friendly

When I work internet banking analyse and design in 1999, I’ve learned this rule, first time. Nowadays, we are looking for this rule on web based application, especially for social media platforms. But, we can not see completely true process for users on also best web based applications. Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Friendfeed etc. I know, developments are going on and they are listening to users feedback. I’m using too, but not useful all milestones. Sorry!

I think there is some reasons, let’s check these;
– Incomplete analyse and wrong user’s feedback or don’t listening feedback.

– Insufficent searching and taking sample

– Very hurry up for production for market situation!

– System constrait

– More engineering logic or more marketing logic

– Not thinking “how can I more simplfying this application as design and process

2- Mind/Notes control and following

We are losing our life in details, seconds or complicated minds or priorities. A person is individual “minds network”, actually. I’m asking to environment “How do you follow and remember your tasks, meetings, minds, projects, network, family tasks etc.” Everybody says a lot of different applications web based, mobile or hardcopy. For my result is bad, very bad. We are writing what are you doing on Twitter or Facebook etc. And we are sharing knowledges and new things on Friendfeed. But I ask again;

– Do you see your notes before six months ego?

– Can you take history reporting with tags

– Do you remember your mind  one week ego?

– What did yo “do” for your all minds and notes and when? Have you ever your history report?

Sorry, when we go to home, we are forgeting family and personal life tasks. Dinner, TV, Internet, playing with child and go to bed. We are using Outlook or Gmail for tasks, calender, meetings, notes. Not only for business, we are using for personal, family life any application. Because we are forgeting and we will forget, so we are human.

3- Social networking

Already, we have used mobile phone contacts and Outlook contacts, before ten years, actually. Nowadays, we are trying to manage, follow our communication and relationships on web based applications. Both of them, business and special contacts. And we can find new person and old friends. We are members some network groups. Yes, it’s a big world and we must manage hundreds and thousands people. How can you manage? Do you know answers these questions;

– Which people contact is more important for you? Do you list any core network list or categories.

– When did you last communication with somebody and what about? Is there any report this history?

– What did you learn last time, from your network?

– What is your social network’s value addition for your personal branding process?

– We can search all our network profile informations but we don’t know actual profile, after all. We must to meet in real life.

– What did you give benefit for others, last six months.

4- Social media

Video, music, films, articles, news, different people, hobbies, interest, online tv etc. We want to follow all our “desires” and user contents on web and mobile platforms. Actually we are living virtual social world. Real social life and virtual social life reflected each other. Yes, I know, it’s funny and great time for everybody. But what is benefit for your actual life needs? How much time that you spend on internet? Did you consider important for your child, wife and relatives?

All application have to show and remind your miles, action and history. You must know what did yo do on screen. So yo will measure your efficiency.

5- Life stream

All people want to make control and following their life. It’s very hard life planning and personal development process following. Therefore we are waiting “help” from some mechanism, system or technologies. Web based applications on internet and mobile platorm are more useful, more cheap, more nearly, more secure, more easy updateble etc. for everybody. For example, we are following diet and sport activity programs, And we are planning financial, budget situation. Especially, if mobile integration is raedy, it’s a superb application for us.

To my mind, these developments are too few but needs are so much. Some needs;

– More useful calender and reminder programs. History, tags, contacts, projects, notes,

– Mind control and following programs. It’s not telepatic, of course we will update.

– Information and communication flowing control and reporting data.

– Career way stories and weak and strong attributes.

– Family and home life tasks. We know always business contacats, business planing, business succes stories. But most important project is private life for everybody.

6- Personal branding process management

Actually, these all items that are very interest personal branding. Personal reputation management, personal PR is “process” you know. Don’t enough your social media high reputation on net. Don’t enough your success in your business life. Don’t enough your happy private life. Because, “life” is living whole units. All of them interest each other.

There is some rules for brand life. If we don’t apply all life, it doesn’t work. I think all items will be followed on web-mobile applications in the future. Coding, program developing will more and more work for personal private, inner life.

7- More personal, more special

Generally, standart development is very easy but users don’t want to use these applications anymore. They want to change parameters and contents. Aim is different everybody. Because life priorities are different.

All people want to use more personal, more special, more user friendly applications. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc. are collect new free applications on their platforms for different users.

Actually users don’t want to all needs from one platform. But important and first priority needs are seriously important for everybody. Internet or social media applications are not only for “GEEK”s or rich people or business life.

8- Hobby/interest

Our interest area for very important. We spend too much time for our hobbies. And we want to know new informations, new pepople that is in same mind. In future, applications will be developed for niche markets.

9- User content

We want to sharing, knowing, presenting, teaching etc. And we want to easyly, speedly process on mini screens. Lifestream applications started with music, video, articles. But we can not true categorise these, yet. Because, a lot of application, username password, webmails, social networks. Some questions;

– Which sharing, where it must go?

– Who is presenting true, happyness content?

– How much effective my real life?

– Adding and sharing processes is simple or complex?

10- Secure

We are sending, adding, sharing our all special, personal informations. Yes, we have username and password but hackers can reach them everytime. Database is not in our brain or heart. All proflie informations and transactions data on the “other” hands. Only we are praying, for not using for against.

11- More speedly and practice using

Some countries are not using enough speed internet connection. It’s forbidden some pages in some countries. If your development architecture is not true, users are fluttering on the chair.

12- One password on the one platform

There are some platforms but not widespread and we afraid security and breaking down.

13- Mobile integration

We are living more mobile and using more mobile devices. Operating systmes are being integrated for a lot of handset devices. There is a lot of application for example iPhone. Internet is the not special for desktop computers or laptops. Wireless techonology is developing and chaping.

14- Desktop application

Everybody talks web based applications from internet but actually is not. Internet connection may be broken. I think, some applications must be on the personal hardware. We can use back up configurations, synchronous operations in some times in a day.

Some other standarts; searching, reminder sercvice, keywords/tags, categories, history reporting, sharing, performance reporting data protecting and back-up

You know, web applications that have these specials are winining now and will win in the future. But I think, search engines, social media applications, life stream applications are in the infancy degree, still.

I’ve a lot of questions but I can’t find answers now, may be in the future. What’s your thinks for successful web applications?

Thank you.


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