Learn from the butterfly

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Dear Friend,
Do you see the attention and swing, which often fly in your home page.
Does he look so beautiful?
When the flutter wings, fly between flowers flowers bloom,
Occasionally stop in to take a spray flower honey, and then fly to another flower.

Are you aware that …
Not only that, it becomes a butterfly, butterfly beautiful, there is a process that he should skip called “metamorphism”
The process must be passed when it is still a worm, which sometimes so disgusting for some people,
Scream and even crying when I saw,
But friends,
he did not dither, he does not see the shame and the reality of his life with the unruly, the process for him Go to the end, even though the need to shut in the cocoon, and the waiting time in the dark cocoon. He can stand out as the goal of a struggle. Confidence that will end with a beautiful run that can make them all.
As our lives is a process that must be
We must learn from the butterfly hers with patience through the process step-by-step. Do not have any idea that it be a success with the instant, without trying and without capital. Look at the fact that the world is full of people fail because they do not ever wake up from a dream.
In life should have a goal that, even if have to go through obstacles to achieve that purpose. Look at the butterfly should be considered even though the low and are still sequestered at vermiform, but he was sincere with the Go. Because the show has been a goal of his life. The beautiful things that have been waiting in there, change shape to become better. What about us? We should not try to become better and more respected you … please ponder.


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