This Type of Character Based Twitter Users

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As social networking sites, Twitter is unique. With features that could be considered just text alone, social networking is the work of Jack Dorsey went on to become one of the favorite social networking.

As social networking, also called SMS her virtual world, there are a number of types of Twitter users. In general, the distribution of this type can be seen by most of the tweets that are written.

Here are eight types of Twitter users based on personality traits, as quoted from Macobserver:

1. Entertainer
This type is endowed with the ability and charm to lure people in a short communication, of course, limited in 140 characters. The entertainers on this twitterland will make you smile, just by reading his tweets or tweet when commenting and responding to others.

2. Convey news
This type does not seem to have a need to entertain others, but felt the need to convey information to others. Twitter user with this type will gather information and share it to benefit others. Be it in the form of video link or news.

3. Tour Guide
Usually, this is the sort of people who share the experience. This type is like the ‘invite’ you in every experience that he felt. Not only that, the photo links will be installed in tweets, so you can see first hand, from the scene which he saw to the food being he most enjoyed.

4. Tractable
This type will usually charge according to tweet with Twitter-style standard question, “what’s happening?”. And .. This type will respond with all sorts of what he was doing. From making dinner, to cutting the nails. Of course this type of boring, but he answered well with a joke-style types of entertainers.

5. Self Promotion
This type is usually a writer who thinks you are to follow him because you wanted to know about his work. So he’ll tell you in his tweet about everything he does in the work. This is all done just to promote himself.

6. Grumpy
In his tweet, this type is always angry about something. From trivial events experienced in the virtual world, especially major events they experienced in the real world. Not infrequently in his tweet, this type using capital letters. For some reason, they have some followers who followed him. Perhaps the followers of this type have the same distaste, but did not dare to reveal, for example, to get angry about the job.

7. Spoiled
Usually this type always take advantage of Twitter to answer their needs. For example: “I am again in Yogya nih. Are there any recommendations of good food here?” In fact, this type usually also ‘show off’ although his tweet like people who always feel the need your consideration. For example with tweets like: “Duh, disoriented. Want a holiday to Australia or Japan yah?” It is quite possible also people who feel this type was never confident with the decisions he makes, and always needs (Needy) consideration of others.

8. Celebrity-twit
This type is know that Twitter is the most latest and coolest to interact with fans. Typically, this type also pleased adored by his followers (often re-tweet good things against him). But after all, celebrities are also ordinary people. They often become the kind of self promotion, grumpy, or spoiled. However, it certainly did not want to tweet with consideration made will damage its image.


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