Can a Daily Deal Help Your Business?

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Can a Daily Deal Help Your Business?

Daily deals sites are fast becoming a serious way for the average consumer to not only save money but for business owners to increase traffic and ultimately sales. For the consumer, purchasing the deal is simple and fast. Referring friends and acquaintances is a way to enhance your deal making and enables you to frequently receive your deals for free. Business owners offering the discounts will see an increase in traffic not only to their website but also, to their place of business. Ultimately it will be up to each business owner to convert the one time “deal seeker” into a repeat customer. Here are some of the “Daily Deal” sites currently active.

Groupon – The current giant, beginning in 2008, Groupon offers deals on things to do, see and buy in 43 countries. They have a wide range of deals. Groupon was a front runner for a while but now has competition for those who want to save money by purchasing a daily deal.

Living Social – Many great offers in wide variety to choose from such as trips to spa treatments. With these deals one cool feature for the consumer is if they can get three friends to click on their link and purchase the deal, their deal free.

Google Offers – Google offered over a billion dollars to buy Groupon but they were turned down. Imagine turning down a billion dollars, hard to fathom. Not intending to miss out on this massive wave, Google launched their own daily deal. They launched in the city of Portland, OR earlier in the year. Look for Google Offers to be a contender since they show up right on the browser when someone is searching.

Entertainment Deals – Originally started as a paper coupon book in 1962. It offers deals on almost everything you could be looking for. I don’t know anyone who has used even half of those coupons books. Would be nice to see that go digital and save all the paper.

If you are considering a daily deal, ask questions of other business owners you know and see how they fared with any daily deals they tried. You may also take a poll from your customers and see if they favor certain daily deal offers over others. Try keeping tabs yourself for a couple of weeks and see what type of deals do well on each site. You can see the number of how many that bought right on the offer page. The real challenge is that the business owner must find a way to keep the consumer coming back without the deal. Without that you will have wasted your marketing dollars and most likely lost money overall.


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