Aren't You Tired to Wait in Line in Order to Pump a Coin Into a Telephone Machine?

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Even if you are not one of those people who have to think twice before placing a call, purchasing a phone card can save you precious time and reduce your calling stress to minimum. In fact, collect calls, credit card calls, third-party calls, are all history. The simplest way, apart from the cheapest, is using a phone card, regardless if you are calling from a street public phone, your cell or an office line.

Some years ago, calling a relative or friend living abroad, required a great deal of preparation. Calculating the international rate charged by the telephone fixed line service, determining the total amount of minutes the call should last in order not to exceed a particular cost limit, and finally placing a clock near the telephone so as to keep an eye on the time that passed by, were some of the main tasks one had to complete so as to be on the safe side. Although all these sound funny today as affordable phone cards make international calling possible and most importantly affordable, considering some things before purchasing a phone card is probably wiser than simply buying whichever card a local vendor carries.

The most important things one has to take under consideration before purchasing a phone card are: the operator’s reliability, the service quality and the local and international rates offered. Costumers’ testimonials and professional reviews are generally available over the Internet, as well as rate charges. When these basic three conditions are met, then placing a call is as easy as 1-2-3; in most cases even simpler.

Phone cards come with different facilities and operating modes. Some need to be activated with the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN), others need a call to be placed to a pre-registered number or toll-free number, or others require a combination of the above methods. In addition, paying for a phone card has also changed. Instead of having only one option, the interested individual can select from purchasing a pre-paid phone card that minutes can or cannot be added after the original balance’s consumption. With a variety of paying methods accepted, like paying in cash, or with credit and debit cards directly the vendor or over the Internet the phone card service, people are always able to make their international calls without having to deal with any kind of restrictions.

But the most exciting thing with having a phone card is that you can place a call anytime from practically anywhere in the world. Due to the wide telecommunications network existing today, people can rely on any type of phone line to dial any number and reach literally anyone within seconds. Moreover, due to fierce competition telecommunications companies were forced to introduce price-cutting techniques, favoring the customer’s budget.


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