Building Your Income – Sell Plr Articles And Article Marketing

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This is potentially a very lucrative way of leveraging more money for your work. PLR stands for Private Label Rights and the way to make it pay is to find some niche market which has a reasonably high number of searches and limited competition. Write a pack of articles about one of these niches and then offer them for sale with Private Label Rights. This means that the buyer has the right to claim they are the author of the articles and put their name on them. The beauty is that you retain the full rights and therefore you can sell them again and again. It’s best to limit the number to, say, 50 or 100 to retain some exclusivity for the articles.

Consider how this works. You find a suitable Niche and then write 10 articles on the niche. You offer PLR rights to these articles for $30 and sell 50 packs. This means that the income generated is a staggering 50 x 30 or $1500 for just 10 articles!

I have done this many times. I use Micro Niche Finder to identify suitable niches and here is a video which explains how the method works. Just a few suitable niches can make you some serious income if you follow this technique.

Building your Income – Article Marketing

Ok, so you’ve got your website and the first few order are coming in and the cash is hitting your PayPal account. So let’s accelerate the traffic to your website and what better way for an article writer than to use article marketing.

Write ten articles with the objective of selling your writing services and include a resource box with a link to your website. Place these articles with the various article marketing websites but check carefully that their terms and conditions are not broken.

Ezine articles, for example, do not allow links to websites which contain PLR material. There are many more that do and it’s simply a matter of reading their Terms of Service carefully to avoid rejection.

Once written and placed these articles are likely to have a Click through Rate of about 15% to 20% and if we assume 200 visits to each article then this means 2000 visits to your website. If just 2% of these convert into customers then you have another 40 orders!

It really can be that easy. If you want to turbo-charge your order intake, then consider getting your 10 buy articles rewritten 10 times giving 10 times the potential traffic and 10 times the orders. This could mean over 400 orders. Even if your articles only get 100 visits each this still means a huge increase in the amount of orders you get.


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