The Fundamentals of Writing Articles

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When you’re considering writing articles, you should have certain objectives in mind. In fact, any writer, whether they are a storyteller, playwright, or journalist, all write with a purpose. It could be to rouse emotion, teach a lesson, inform people of important information, or any number of other reasons.

Having an objective in mind is the key to motivation.

So, as an Internet Marketer, or whatever else you do online, what would be some of the objectives that could motivate you to write articles?

Of course, if you’re in the online marketing business, you’re prime objective is to make as much money as you can. However, those people who’ll read your articles aren’t the least bit interested in how much money YOU make. Rather, they want to learn how to make as much money as THEY can.

This means that there has to be a shift in your objectives. In order to reach your prime objective of gaining income, you have to first assist your readers’ to reach their prime objective by giving them the information they’ll need to obtain their goals.

In other words, the sales person has to first become the teacher. By becoming the teacher, your readers will turn to you for the lessons they need to become successful, find new tips to further their success, or simply use your words to build their own confidence levels.

As your readers become more and more accustomed to turning to you for advice, the more credibility you’ll achieve and the more your recommendations will be appreciated and followed.

As you might imagine, achieving this level of expertise can have a huge impact on your own business’s success.

So getting people to regularly and faithfully read your articles should be your new prime objective when it comes to article writing.

This takes article writing far beyond the scope of mere advertising, getting external links, or gaining page rank through link popularity.

Becoming a respected teacher in your field will have a long term effect on everything and anything you want to do online, and will assure you a faithful following for years to come.

Thus when you write articles, do so with the objective of becoming an expert in your field. Forget about links; forget about page rank, as these things will come on their own.

Rather, gain respect, gain readers, and gain integrity and credibility through your words.

Now this may seem like a difficult task to accomplish, but it’s not so hard to do if you know what you’re writing about.


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