Deal With Your Teen Boy Like Friend

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It is difficult to teach the basic principles of life to your teen boy, because it is an age when you start teaching them, how to wear, take both every day, turn out lights when they leave room, use telephone for short calls, when you teach these things might your teens boy think dad makes the house like the prison.
It is important before a start teaching your teens you develop friend ship with your teen boy, a friend ship in which he pays respect to you, be a father it is for you to teach a teen boy, set some principle of life ,It started when you have a good relation ship with your wife if your understanding is good it is to convey the message to your teen boy it’s a fact that teen boy reacted ,He asks a lot of quotation be patients and try to answer in a soft manner.
One thing keeps in mind when you start teaching your teen boy, you follow the same things which you’re trying to teach your teens, for teens boy father is everything most of the teen boy follows his father be accurate in your life be for teaching your teen boy. Remember it is your teen’s first school, Home teaching is very important it is a foundation your duty is to make a strong foundation.
It is difficult to teach teen boys as compare to a teen girl, after teaching basic of life you must teach them about the religion and take him the place of your prayers. The first five year is an important, teen boy whole life depends how you teach him it is like you build a foundation, and he builds a house on it, try to become a model for your teen boy then what you teach him you must demonstrate the same way, so he never thinks dad says this to me but he himself follows not, It creates a bad image than you all effort not be fruit full of your kid.
Teen boy has different nature as compare with teen girl, He asks more questions when you fix the time to watch TV, time to sit in front of computer, time for play, time to study, time to sleep on the night in the initial, he feels this house is a prison for him, but if you teach him in a friendly mood thinks then claim down and after sometime your teen boy feel ok.
When your teen boy comes at the age when able to go out it most difficult to teach him the things, but you have to teach them the rule of the friend ship tells him to make good friend, you must watch his activity outside the house if feel something is wrong don’t hash to teach your teen boy in a soft way that if he stops not these things then he never rises in his future.
If there understands between husband and wife is excellent than sitting down like a family and your Guinness on an important issue will give your teen boy to understand in a quick manner.


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