Alpha Theta Meditation

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Have you ever experienced the disaster that comes straight in one day. For example, when you have to give a presentation is important for career advancement, all of a sudden came a call from home telling me that you are still a small child rushed to the hospital because of sudden high body heat.

At the time appeared to many problems, both at work and at home, we tend to react with panic and led to negative emotions. Though the panic actually makes us more difficult to concentrate. If the concentration of dispersed, we became increasingly anxious.

What can be done in such conditions? Actually, such things would be more easily overcome if we understand how the brain works. We need to have skills to control brain waves (Brainwave) who can help us to calm down in times of panic.

To what train of meditation / lower brain waves (Brainwave)?

Meditation is the act of using the technique, or a series of techniques, to relax and calm the mind is naturally to reach the point of clarity, focus and wisdom. In phase entry in a meditative state, the mind becomes calm and strong, relaxed, yet focused, alert, discover the true nature of something observed, and free from pre-conception.

This CD dedicated practitioners of meditation, yoga, power in, tai chi, chi kung, rei ki, and all those who want to quickly lower the brain waves (Brainwave) it into the alpha and theta.

By understanding the position of Brain Waves (Brainwave), we can set the mood, so always feel happy, too successful with every single thing we do. To achieve happiness through the control of brain waves (Brainwave), we can learn from children. Have you ever watched the children while playing with his friends? Look how easy they are laughing happily. While it may be just scratching each other and wept together, but a few minutes later they seemed to have forgotten the cries and is back playing together with the compact.

That’s because the kids are still easy to tune Brain Waves (Brainwave) it entered the alpha-theta frequency. Alpha-theta frequency is normally experienced when we’re relaxed, daydreaming and imagination. In contrast to the dominant conditions of beta when we are in a state of consciousness, and more use of the mind.

Entering the frequency of alpha-theta is actually a natural human skill. However, when I started school, we are conditioned set Brain Waves (Brainwave) the dominant beta. So, once it became adults, the skills to enter the alpha-theta condition was missing.

Moreover, the demands of modern life makes people’s minds focused to work hard for the material and the demands of a consumerist life even though forced to reduce the time to sleep and rest. And while sleeping man should feel the fourth frequency. From the beta frequency at which we are in full consciousness, Brain Waves (Brainwave) down to the alpha when both eyes closed, then go into theta, and finally to the Delta when we sleep soundly without dreams. Because of less sleep time, then we tend to experience less alpha-theta conditions, consequently we get easily stressed.

Alpha-Theta, create a calm, happy and creative. The ability to temporarily transform self-awareness one frequency to another frequency that is a very important skill, because the effect will help balance the brain, heart, and soul. Skills that make a person good at reading situations and clever put yourself in any atmosphere so as to appear always in the right place at the right time. Surely it is very important to climb the ladder of success and achieve happiness.

When problems arrive and start to feel stressed out, that’s a good time to begin to relax, lowering the vibrational frequency of the brain and enter the alpha-theta. Likewise, when our work requires creative thoughts. Entering the two frequencies that will help bring the inspiration we need.

Interestingly, the two frequencies is also a gateway to the subconscious mind which is required to perform self hypnosis, get the intuition and healing. The problem is how to enter alpha-theta frequencies quickly?

Actually attempt to enter the level of alpha-theta consciously been done long ago, that is by Allah’s habits that make more and more fervent prayer, meditation exercises, yoga or tai chi.

These exercises can greatly help improve our ability to change the consciousness of the brain. The healers who use the energy and effort in, because the demands of the job generally has reaped these skills automatically.

Besides these ways, the brain also can be trained with Brain Wave technology (Brainwave). The trick is to perform entrainment. That is the term used to train the left hemisphere and right brain to want to work just as well. Brain with a high level of cooperation, will generally make people look at life more objectively, without fear and anxiety.

In addition to more easily enter a state of solemn or relax in, also has the ability to focus better concentration. Moreover, because the condition is more in sync and in rhythm, your brain will release a chemical causing a sense of comfort and pleasure in large numbers so that relaxation occurs naturally. It seems that those unfamiliar with meditation exercises, yoga, tai chi, and others in this way can help.


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