Since Heaven is so Sweet

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If asked to humans, choose heaven or hell? With the information pickup, armed with information that heaven and hell delicious creepy, so loudly would choose heaven. But, we know that the road to heaven is difficult and the road to hell is so easy?

From Abu Hurairah ra., True Prophet. Said (which means): “When God created the heaven, He said to Gabriel, ‘Go and see (heaven)’. Gabriel went to see it. Gabriel returned and said, ‘My Lord, for the sake of your greatness, no one heard (of heaven) unless he (want) to enter’. Then Allah Ta’ala. around (heaven) with the difficulties (to reach) and said to Gabriel, ‘O Gabriel! Go (then) see (heaven) ‘. Gabriel went to see it. (Gabriel) back and said, ‘My Lord, for the sake of your greatness, indeed I fear no one who (can) enter’. “

Prophet. also said: “When Allah created Hell, He said, ‘O Gabriel! Go (then) look (hell) ‘. Gabriel went to see it. (Gabriel) back and said, ‘O God, for the sake of your greatness and power, no one heard (about the hell of it) kecuai he was not willing to enter it’. Then Allah Ta’ala. around (hell) with the desires syahwati and said to Gabriel, ‘O Gabriel! Go and look at the hell of it ‘. Gabriel went to see it. Then he came back and said, ‘O God, for the sake of keperkasaanMu and kemualiaanMu, really I’m worried that there would be nobody left except to enter it’. “(The explanation of the Book of Sunan Abu Daud, pp. 13-14)

As long as life is a test

Heaven and hell is the reward for man according to our works or righteous deeds for the world. En Bro Sis, at school or at work we can learn and excel in our careers. Those who excel will be rewarded with various awards and good facilities. Allah Most High. make heaven as a reward for people who do right, and hell be a fitting reward for man who disobey His commands. And, it should be emphasized that living in this world every second is a test. Exam results will be accountable before God in the Hereafter. That means, every day we must accept and overcome the various exams given by Allah.

Do not imagine that the exam is always a sure thing hard and suffer, sometimes a test given by God Almighty instead we perceive as enjoyable and special. It is true, the exam that plagued us in the form of pain and economic hardship often makes us have more patience and pray to not fall into disobedience and disbelief. But do not imagine too if we are given health, wealth and power is simply a joy, because his life was also a test from God.

Health favors given it whether Allah will lead us to be grateful or even otherwise, to disbelieve in God? Blessings of wealth and power that we feel, whether it will make us proud and grateful, or even free to use the treasure that we have to love-love without rules of Islamic law? With this reality, it is appropriate that health, wealth and power also includes part of the test that God gives. Depending human, whether to be grateful or even Kufr. Word of Allah. (Which means): “If ye are grateful, surely We will add (favors) unto you, and if ye deny (favor to), then surely azabKu very painful.” (Surah Ibrahim [14]: 7)

Indeed many people who can not stand with the illness and poverty that plagued them so took a shortcut to commit suicide to end his life that bear the pain is severe, or the heart to sinner in a way that is not his property plundered for the sake of fulfilling life that would not go ekenominya graph shows the increase

So even for some of us are many who can not stand the test of health, wealth and too much power. Do-do, a healthy body and the power turned out to make us feel proud, as well as the Pharaoh who considers himself to be God, because during his life he was hardly ever ill anyway plus he did have a throne and treasure. Fit. Pharaoh so arrogant. So when Moses asked for faith in God, Pharaoh and even denied him even mendurhakainya. Allah revealed this story in a word (which means): “and say (to Pharaoh):” Is there a desire for you to rid yourself (of apostasy) “. And you will kupimpin to the streets of your Lord in order that ye may fear Him? “. Then Moses showed him a great miracle. But the Pharaoh denied and disobeyed. Then he turned as he sought to challenge (Moses). Then he gathered (the magnifying-magnifying) and then called to his people.

(As) said: “I am your Lord most high”. So God mengazabnya with punishment in the hereafter and doom in the world. Verily in this there is a lesson for those who feared (their Lord). “(Surat an-Naazi’aat [79]: 18-26)

This increasingly confirms that as long as we’re alive, the test will come over to us for it. Because life itself is a test. Stay how we respond and make it more meaningful life based on faith in Allah. The One who created us and the entire physical universe, including heaven and hell.

That is why, if we want to go to heaven, there is a way to go. Despite many obstacles, it does not mean we back to get through. Because heaven is so sweet. Do not also be tempted to choose the path of lust studded though it is very exciting, because it will ultimately take us to hell. All are within our power, whether prefer to go to heaven or hell. With the choice of a place back in the hereafter, this proves that the world is indeed a test and Allah. will only provide a decent place to those who successfully follow the prompts. Instead God will give a bad place, which is hell for anyone who opposed it and ungodly kepadaiNya.

In the Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Hadith narrated by Muslim Abu Said al-Khudri ra that the Prophet. said, “Heaven and Hell protested. Paradise said, ‘My Lord, why did that go into heaven only those who are weak and tacky-class people?

“Hell said,’ My Lord, why did that go into this hell only those cruel and arrogant? ‘God said,’ Heaven, you are rahmatKu which I give to you who I want. And hell, you are siksaKu which I give to you who I want. Every each one of you has a residents’. “(Ibn Qayyim al-Jauziyah, Travel to Paradise, pp. 15)

Collect reward hope heaven

Heaven is a place that exclusively provided alias only and reserved for those who believe and do good deeds. Not all men can get into heaven. That means, to get a ‘ticket’ to heaven must follow the terms and conditions set by Allah. The owner of heaven itself. And, of course, Allah. also has the right and full power to enter people into hell. Do not worry, God Almighty. can not be wrong in calculating our deeds. note

En Bro Sis, when so much information about the beauty and enjoyment of heaven as it offered the promise of God for His servants who believe, appropriate for us to be a spirit to be the best persons in the faith, science and good deeds. Of course, that Allah Most High. affection and love for all of us and enter us into paradise. Insha Allah.

We hope, pray, and try as hard as possible so we can pave the road to paradise with easy and successful. May Allah Ta’ala. instill a strong faith and piety in us as God gave to Muhammad. and his companions. May Allah plugged great courage in defense of Islam as Allah plug courage to defend Islam fighters of Badr. May God give victory to the Islamic da’wah we surge today, as the victory that God has given to Muhammad. and his companions in every battle won.

May we be good servants are grateful and always likes to do good deeds. All humans want heaven if ecstasy is so vast, beautiful, and fun. But, just human choices that could reach it. Hopefully we are God’s chosen people who can enjoy paradise. Amen.


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