The Turth of Islam

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As a believer would have been a resident of heaven is the goal of life that produces happiness haqiqi and perpetuate, in the life of the world which is the first step to collect supplies for human life in heaven someday, it must be very clever use of his time to his life in the hereafter that perpetuate the form of heaven and enjoyment in it Allah has for humans.

To achieve happiness in heaven surely requires struggle and sacrifice that not a few. Heaven was a place of the full enjoyment of human back and early humans were created, in heaven the Prophet Adam, when Adam made a mistake because it violated the prohibition orders so that the move of God to this world and will one day humans will return to heaven with the human condition would act according to what Allah has commanded heaven. Terms of heaven is in the form of faith and charity, or deed that has been exemplified by the Messenger of Allah that must be carried out, whoever is able to command and forbid him away so he entitled to happiness in heaven Him as Allah says:

”And the glad tidings to those who believe and do good, provided that for them Gardens underneath which rivers flow in it. Each of them was given sustenance of fruit in the heavens, they say:”This is the first ever given to us”. They were given fruits and similar to those in which there is a holy wives and they abide therein.”(Surah AlBaqoroh (2): 25)


Prophet Hadiths regarding this is from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet SAW said:

(Each of my people will enter into heaven except the reluctant, the companions asked:”Who was reluctant Messenger of Allah?”He SAW said:”Who is ta `at me surely he entered heaven, and who engage in immoral acts (breaking) to me he indeed is the person who declined it.”) (Bukhari).

Even in another hadith the Prophet SAW said:”No one was nevertheless among you but his place has been ordained by God in heaven or in hell. Then ask a friend,”O Messenger of Allah! So whether we better not say anything taqdir twist of fate awaiting us without charity.”Answer him,”People who have been established by God to be happy, is because he was charitable to the deeds of the blessed, and those who have been established by God to be people who hurt is because he do good deeds with evil men. Therefore beramallah! All facilities have been provided. There were happy people, they are permitted to practice the deeds-deeds of people happy. And those wretched, they are permitted to do good deeds with evil people; then he SAW read the verse:”As for those who give (freely in the way of Allah) and devoted, and confirmed the existence of the best reward (heaven), then we would later set up an easy road for him. And as for those who are miserly and feel themselves sufficiently, and lie to the best, We shall soon be set up for him (the way) that is difficult.”(Qur’an 92:5-10)”(HRMuslim.)

Being the people of Paradise is the ideal all humans, there are several charities that conduct or conduct us into the paradise of Allah as mentioned in the Qur’an and the Hadith the Messenger of Allah among them:

1. Devoted to God with His true piety. Ie trying to run the commands of God and away from his ban.

As Allah said:”There was, for those who fear (provided) Gardens of Delight on the side of his Lord.”(Qur’an 68:34)

From Jabir said a man asked the Prophet Muhammad: What do you think, if I’ve done the obligatory prayers, and fasting for Ramadan, I halalkan is halal and I forbid the unlawful, and no such kutambah it with others, can I go to heaven ? He replied:”Yes, it can be!.”(H. R. Muslim)

2. Repent and ask forgiveness to God from all sin and error. Glad to charity, able to withstand the anger and forgiving properties.

Allah says:”And haste ye to the mercy of Rabbmu and to heaven as wide as heaven and earth are reserved for those who fear Him, (that) those who spend (freely), either in time or in adversity, and those who restrain anger and pardon (error) people. Allah loves those who do good. And (also) those who, when working on indecency or wronged themselves, they would remember God, then beg forgiveness of their sins and who can forgive sins except God – And they did not pursue that nasty deed, being them to move on. They are the reward is forgiveness from their Lord, and Gardens underneath which rivers flow, while they will abide therein: and that’s the best to reward people who do good.”(Surah 3:133-136).

3. Emigrated from evil (ignorance) to good (Islam), and strive with their wealth and lives for the sake of elevating kalimatullah.

”Those who believe and emigrate and strive in the path of Allah with their wealth and themselves, is a higher rank in the sight of Allah: and that the people who get the victory. Encouraging them with their Lord give mercy rather than His, keridhoan and heaven, they have in them the eternal pleasure, they will dwell therein for ever. Verily in Allah’s reward was great.”(Qur’an 9:20-22)

4. Istiqomah in Keta `atan and seriously in the running.

Word of God:”Actually the people who say: Our Lord is Allah,””, then they remain committed and then there is no fear come upon them and they are not (too) grieve. They are the residents – residents of Paradise, they dwell therein; in retaliation for what they have done.”(Qur’an 46:13-14)

5. Khusyu `in prayer, leaving a useless act and pay Zakat, keeping the genitals as well as maintaining the trust.

Word of God:”Truly Prosperous people who believe, (that) those who khusyu ‘in prayer, and those who distance themselves from the (deeds and sayings) are not useful, and those who give charity, and those who keep his cock, except against their wives or the slaves that they have; then surely they are in this respect no disgraceful. Anyone looking for is behind it then they are the transgressors. And those who keep the messages (which he endured) and his promise, and those who maintain the prayer. They are the ones who will inherit the paradise of Eden. They will abide therein.”(Qur’an 23:1-11)

Narrated by Imam Ahmad and others that the Prophet said: (It has been revealed to me 10 (ten) paragraph, then those who carry it out he surely go to heaven then he read”Qod aflahal mu `minun ….”All the verses).

6. Studying shar `i in accordance with the Qur` an and Sunnah with its implementation in life.

From Abu Umaamah said: I’ve heard the Messenger berkhutbah on `Farewell Hajj then he said:”Any person pursuing a path to seek knowledge, Allah facilitate a way for him to heaven.”(Reported by Muslim.)

7. `Ablution perfectly and dilanjuti by reading syahadatain after ablution`.

From Umar that the Prophet said:”It is not one among you who `ablution, and then perfected his wudu ‘, after that he say:”ASYHADU an la ilaha illallah, wa wa anna Muhammadan` abdullah rasuluhu (I testify that haq no god to be worshiped except Allah and that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger) but eight gates of heaven opened for him that can be entered from anywhere according to his will.”(Muslim)

8. Praying continually in nafilah (voluntary) before and after the obligatory prayers (Sunnah Rawatib Diyah and qabliyah `ba).

Umm Habibah said: I heard the Messenger of n said:”Who would pray 12 raka `at day and night, will be created by God for her home in heaven.”(Reported by Muslim.) 12 raka` at it consists of 4 raka ` before prayer at Zhuhur, 3 raka `at after, and two raka` at after Maghrib prayers and two raka `at after the evening prayers, as well as two raka` at before prayer Shubuh (HR.At-Tirmidhi.)

9. Building a mosque solely because of Allah SWT.

”Whoever built the mosque in order to seek the pleasure of Allah, then Allah will make him a house in heaven anyway.”(Bukhari and Muslim).

10. Sympathize and care for orphans and care for their living needs.

From Abu Hurairah said: Messenger of Allah SAW said:”caregivers of orphans, either alone or orphan yatimnya others with me in Paradise like this, pointing two fingers, index and middle fingers.”(Muslim)

11. Believe in Allah and the Last day, to interact socially with the attitude like we want it how they should behave to us.

From Abdullah ibn Umar r, ahuma said: The Messenger n said:”Who wants to be free from hell and put in heaven, then let him deserving to mankind as expected by the community and he believes in Allah and the Final. ”(Muslim)

12. Spreading the greetings, feed the poor and establish ties and evening prayer (tahajjud).

‘Abdullah bin Salam, the Prophet said:”O mankind, spread the greeting, give food, jalinlah ties, prayer tahajudlah when man sleeps soundly, then you will go to heaven.”
(Reported by At-Tirmidhi and said saheeh hasan hadeeth).

13. Behave well, be gentle and tawadhu `(humble) to Allah SWT and between fellow servant.

From Abu Hurairah that the Prophet was once asked about what the most manusi enter into heaven, he replied:”berakhlaq Taqwa to Allah and good.”(Reported by At-Tirmidza and Ibn Hibban in shahihnya.)

From Abdur-Rahman bin `Auf ra says: Rasulullah SAW said:”If a woman makes the five obligatory prayers, fasting the whole month of Ramadan and keeping his cock and Menta` ati husband then one day he will enter Paradise from any door he wants.”

Hopefully charity or deeds that have been mentioned above we can equally do so although only one example of deeds with Allah’s intentions because they expect keridhoan and His help, because we will not likely be able meleksanakan such actions if not for mercy and the ease with which God has given us. Ameen


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