Who Need Tablet Blackberry Playbook?

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Comes included with the accompaniment at the latest storm of negative comments did not dampen the step of Research In Motion (RIM) to bring the tablet Playbook Indonesia. 7-inch tablet with a capital of only WiFi, many people are pessimistic as he said “Who needs it?”

Some time ago Legal attempting to try this tablet Playbook BlackBerry, with a lot of question marks and high expectations. Moreover, already since a year ago, RIM has always touted that mengembar Playbook tablet will be different from the tablets in general. Although it comes too late, Playbook attempting escape from the shadows as the ‘followers’ tablets are already on the market.

Designs black mysterious tablets
Dark and mysterious impression obtained when opening the box okezone this Playbook, a touch of elegant glossy black color with dimensions 7.6 x 5.1 x 0.4 inches, the impression was the same black color makes the screen size of 7 inches in this tablet seems so spacious and airy.

Besides black, this tablet to be ‘mysterious’ because Playbook comes without a single button on each edge of tablets. Thus, the function of touch should be maximized to move from one application to another, including even just moving to the ‘Home’.

Physical buttons that are included are only enabled for the ‘power’, the volume to zoom in and out are all located in a row at the top. Function keys can also function as a lock or unlock button.

In addition, there are several locations Playbook owned ports, such as a microHDMI, micro USB, and docking ports are also crammed in the bottom of this black tablet. While at the other end there is a 3.5-mm audio port.

Physical appearance is also somewhat tablet is very light, because it only has a weight of approximately 425 grams. Especially with the LCD 7 inch LCD 1024 x 600, high resolution, WSVGA, capacitive screens with multi-touch 4 fingers and gestures.

Features & Specifications Hardware
Once satisfied with the physical look of the BlackBerry Playbook, do not ignore the specification also supports all of sophistication to the innards of these tablets. Because the Playbook comes with a power-power processor with a brain pacemaker 1GHz dual or dual core. Comfortable and capable enough to move from one application to another.

To support these processors, RIM also equip with 1GB of RAM. In addition, Playbook comes with accelerometer, a 6-axis motion sensor (gyroscope) and a digital compass (magnetometer) GPS. Screen and can also be rotated to 360 degrees, so they can see the picture or the view from different angles.

While specific to the storage space, Playbook provides various capacities as needed starting from 16GB, 32GB or 64GB biggest and maximum.

The greatness of OpenGL, Multi tasking, and BlackBerry Bridges
Various circles Playbook pout, because WiFi is present only in a format and shall require the BlackBerry to connect to the Internet with the BlackBerry Bridges intermediaries based on the bluetooth functionality.

Let’s look on the bright side, comes as a tablet Playbook ‘complementary’ to the renowned BlackBerry user of businesspeople. Playbook for people who require an email or view documents on the larger sizes, which can not be maximized on their handsets. Well, the presence of the BlackBerry Bridges to ‘bridge’, to move all emails and documents automatically.

Indeed, the bad, the bluetooth sometimes make these devices become more hot and wasteful. Not to mention the view for the service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which present a very simple, because it can not do chat on the Groups activities.

Apart from that, one other advantage is the user interface display of QNX software or OS Playbook very, arguably, cool. This does not include multi-touch greatness Max supported with OpenGL is capable of making the application can run simultaneously without interruption. Legal tried to open the browser, games, videos and fuel simultaneously, the result mulusss.

Overall Playbook interface consists of All, Favorites, Media, Games, and BlackBerry Bridge. While on the top right side there is a battery indicator, bluetooth, wifi, screen rotation lock, and setting. If there is a new notification, users who have connected with their BlackBerry Playbook can see it in the upper left side.

While there is a resolution of 5 megapixel camera to the back of the tablet and 3 megapixel camera to the front. Good enough to capture pictures and video inside and outside the room.

Playbook tablet is very necessary for BlackBerry users who want a job can be moved to a larger screen without having to synchronize manually. It is not recommended for users who do not have a BlackBerry, because the result will not be maximal.

Some applications for this Playbook is still very little, even pre-installed applications were not included, including a fairly popular as Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, and Twitter. The only default application, is up for Playbook, but unfortunately when Legal menjajalnya still in beta format.


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