"data Center" Green For a Green Earth

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Many people do not know, or feel no need to know where the data and information to come when they use the internet, download songs and videos, or playing games. Ignorance is understandable because the generation deserves to live today when all are available.

Especially for those with lots of accessing content using mobile devices. Stay in touch-screen finger plays, then the millions of content available in plain sight. Yet behind it all, every touch on the screen or typing on the keypad turns into a command that was rushed to the “creature” called the data center, a place where data is stored, processed, and provided when requested.

Tremendous growth of data has made data center into one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Millions of servers and optical discs are innumerable processes all user requests without stopping in the data center. Without the thousands of data centers spread all over the world, modern life can certainly be chaotic.

In an era where technology has become part of everyday life at this time, the need for data center, inevitably, become bigger. Data centers are required to always be ready to provide data with a frequency more frequent and the type of data that increasingly large and diverse.

Consequently-and this is what should we know the energy requirements for running the data center even bigger. Energy required for electrical operation such as searching, processing, and provision of data, as well as the mechanical operations such as rotating discs, providing air conditioning, and so on.

According to the U.S. Environtmental Protection Agency in July 2010, the energy used to move data centers around the world per year is much larger than the electrical energy used by 10 million homes a year. Energy requirement is greater than can be generated 20 coal-fired power plant in a year.

And if the power plant of that type is used, then we should not forget the carbon dioxide emissions by more than 70 million tons produced. Remember, too, you need 2 billion trees to clean up pollution.

In the future, information technology and telecommunications and data center solutions will be important for other industries such as transportation, construction, energy generation and distribution. Therefore, according to a report Smart 2020, by 2020 the number of servers in data centers would be multiplied ten to around 120 million, and will become the biggest energy users in the IT world.

Above facts make many organizations look for ways to cut energy demand in the data center from now on. In addition to a cleaner environment, trimming it also will generate huge savings, considering that energy is also increasingly expensive.

Issues to cut energy needs that are addressed in the inaugural meeting of Asia Pacific Council’s Data Center in Singapore on Friday (16/09/2011). In this meeting, the CIO and IT managers who manage large data centers looking for ways to optimize data center performance, while cutting its energy needs.

“We will be looking for a data center in the future, including in terms of efficiency of energy use, improve the ability of servers through virtualization and cloud computing and implement appropriate strategies in this rapidly growing industry,” said David Fosberg, vice president of Samsung Asia in an interview with Compass . com via email.

“On this occasion, Samsung introduced a solution consisting of Green Memory DDR3 and SSD or Solid State Drive which, when used together as components of processing and storage in the data center, can save energy up to 49 percent,” he said.

According to David, the amount of data flowing in data centers around the world will increase 600 percent in three years. It would require a special discussion on the issue of energy saving is growing. These savings not only reduce energy demand on the components of the data center, but also use materials that are more environmentally friendly and search for sources of environmentally friendly energy.

Without this concern, the data center industry will be one contributor to damage the Earth. And of course we can not blame the users of technology such as computers, laptops, or mobile devices. Because as noted above, many people do not know where the commands in the machine they are processed and how much energy is required for it!


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