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-Alpine Fireplaces has been serving builders and homeowners in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Wyoming for over 35 years. We specialize in serving customers and their needs…whatever they may be. Being Utah’s only fireplace manufacturer allows us to customize products to fit your needs. As Utah’s largest fireplace and stove supplier we offer a perfect solution for your needs; combined with the products that work in our climate. Come see the many displays that will aid in your design. Click on the links and see how many different products we have that will surely fit your needs. Remember, the fireplace is the heart of the home, and we want to help you make your home “So Nice to Come Home To

-Alpine Fireplaces carries its own line of custom wood mantels. We can provide that extra special “finishing touch” for your fireplace installation. We carry 11 different mantel styles, each available in 6 different wood species and 5 different stain colors.

-This type of fireplace system is used to push heat more evenly throughout a home as well as replace any air lost in the combustion process. One of the unique features of this fireplace is that it uses outside air for both heating and combustion.

The blower system on these fireplaces forces fresh outside air through an efficient heat exchanger located around the fireplace and on into the home. By heating this outside air and forcing it gently into the home several benefits are realized. Heat produced by the fireplace is distributed more evenly, temperatures are more uniform, and the increased air pressure in the home reduces drafts coming in through the leaks and cracks of the home. The Positive Pressure fireplace system is considered by many to be the most efficient heat gathering and distribution system available today.

-An Alpine Gas Fireplace brings in fresh outside air, circulates it around five sides of the firebox to gather maximum heat, and then gently pushes this heated air into the home at hearth level. A small portion of the air enters the firebox itself for combustion, leaving through the chimney with the other exhaust gases; the rest builds up a positive air pressure throughout the home. The warm air flows through the home and to the outside, through the same openings and leaks that otherwise cause drafts. You can usually direct more heat to a given area by opening a window slightly in the desired area, and letting the Alpine’s positive pressure fireplace push more soothing, warm heat in that direction. An Alpine Gas Fireplace is the fireplace you’ll really cherish and use regularly.


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