Questions When Control Pregnancy

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Every time consult your doctor, pregnant women would be asking a number of questions relating to the condition of pregnancy. There are a few favorite question in the first trimester, among others; how gestational age and whether it is appropriate? What is the condition of pregnancy or the fetus? Are there any abnormalities or not the pregnancy and the fetus? In addition of course, every expectant mother will have questions that are individually associated with each condition of pregnancy.

For a visit to the doctor was really helpful, berbekallah complete question. This is her list of questions.

How old is my pregnancy?
Usually the doctor will determine the two parameters. The first of the first day of last period, and from the ultrasound examination. By knowing, on the first day of last menstrual period (especially if the mother’s regular menstrual cycle), the doctor can determine more precisely the gestational age than mothers who forget that date. For the mother who forgets, will use an ultrasound examination. The earlier the ultrasound examinations performed, the results of the determination of gestational age obtained would be more accurate. Even if most missed in just one or two days. The certainty of gestational age will be re-confirmed by ultrasound examination when she did the next control. When the first control is also generally expected date of delivery could have been predicted.

Examination of what should I do?
Blood tests are highly recommended in early pregnancy, such as routine blood check (HB components, platelets, leucocytes and hematocrit). This is to know the status of state capital in early pregnancy in the laboratory, whether a state is less blood (anemia) or the presence or absence of infection given the generally frequent urinary tract infections in women. It would be better if the mother has conducted examinations in preparation for pregnancy TORCH (premarital check-up).

Is my pregnancy normal or abnormal?
With a benchmark of gestational age and ultrasound examinations, the first possibility that must arise is the existence of pockets of pregnancy. If this bag does not develop according to gestational age and found no fetus in it means there is an abnormality called an empty egg. Another example at 6-7 weeks of gestation, also through an ultrasound examination, fetal organs have already be seen as a whole, although not yet detailed. The absence of fetal heart rate can mean a death of the POC.

If found to have cysts with a diameter greater than 5 cm in the mother generally will be observed during pregnancy. If the cyst will be surgically enlarged at the beginning of the second trimester (around 15-16 weeks gestation). Cyst that is left is feared will enlarge and twisted so that it can interfere with fetal growth.

If there are abnormalities or abnormalities, at the time of examination must be ascertained whether the nature of the abnormality or disorder is major or minor. If the predicted conditions will deteriorate (eg disorders can cause death or severe abnormalities) will be considered action or termination of pregnancy termination.

What supplements should be consumed?
Your doctor will advise the mother to consume folic acid in the first three months of age before pregnancy or at least during the initial trimester. The goal is to prevent the occurrence of congenital malformations in the fetus (Neural Tube Defect).

Can having sex?
Physicians are generally allowed throughout pregnancy had no complaints.


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