Why You Should Be Getting a Massage

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For Many people , when we hear the word Massage , We think of a high priced day at the spa . But there are Many health Benifits To Splurging on you . 

1. Help That migrane

            Allot of Headaches/Migranes Are actually caused by Tension In the muscles , Yet We all Think these headaches are strictly “all in our Head” Simply because That is where we feel the pain .These headaches are actually being caused by soreness in Other spots on the body , Therapist usualy call this “referal Pain” And the Area that is causing it is refered to as a “Trigger Point”

Massage therapy Can Improve circulation to Sore and Stiff Muscles , Relaxing Them . Putting a hault to the “refferal Pain” That causes The headaches.

2. Ease Joint Pain

Massage Therapy Can help Ease Alot ofjoint pain caused by compensating Joints , By increasing the range of motion , wich relieves the pain from those compensating joints.This is Especialy Helpful if you are recovering from an Injury.

3.Massage Helps With Asthma and Emphysema

 Respiratory Problems Can Strain neck muscles , Over Exert your Breathing                                                            muscles , and decrease mobility in your rib cage , All Of these can be relieved with                                                massage therapy . 

4. Speed up your Healing After Injury and Surgery

 Injury and surgery can creat , Poor circulation and weakened muscles .  Bothe Are stimulated by message therapy , Promoting good circulation , Decreasing Inflamation , Promoting Lymphatic Drainage , Reduce Scar Tissue And , Increases Range of motion . Wich can Be especialy helpful With Carpal Tunnel Syndrom and Muscle/Tendon Sprains.


5.Give your Immune System a boost 

 When Your laying there , Drinking Juices and Adding some extra rest into  your life Go ahead and Clear a Bit of time on your Scheadule for An appointment with a massage specialist . Massage Promotes Movements of                                                            lymphatic fluid throughout the body , This fluid aids in removing toxins and                                                           waste . Promoting a stronger immune system.

6.Sleep Better At Night

Massage naturally Relaxes the body and mind , wich many people who suffer from insomnia need help           with . Many people who have recieved massage treatments  Reported Improved Sleep , After massage             and Also involuntarely dozing off in the middle of treatment ,due to raised serotonin levels .

 7.Anxiety and Depression Supression.

Massage Therapy is a wonderful way to stimulate Natural Endorphins  Wich Help relieve nervous tension , relieving stress and anxiety . And For those of  us feeling Blue , message Therapy can raise Neurochemicals like Serotonin and dopamine , Wich help Reduce depresion

8. It just feels So Good , to put it simply , So I dont know about you but now I think I need to call the specialist in my Area . lol And Guess how many times I typed Message? Can you? Lets see 

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