Are You Ready For a Dog?

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For a Long time I had been told and was under the Understanding that having a dog was much like having a child and now having 3 children I concur . THIS IS TRUE! it Can sometimes be a little bit more expensive too . 

Finding your right puppy.

When purchasing , Adopting and Rescuing a Puppy to Adult dog , Many things Must be taken into consideration . Such as , Where do i Live ?How much do I make ? How patient Am I And How Much Do I get out? All of the answers to these questions will help you find Your perfect match . It is again very important to ask yourself these things . I myself have two Large dogs , both GSD Mixes . We have small children and 6.5 acres , So I knew they would fit right in , we also go out hiking and do Allot of yard work , So they are very content . The challenge comes with mentality . Each Dog has their own personality ,there is now Scientific Proof, that dogs Share complex emotions and visual communication with people , so Remember that when picking out a pup . example , Our dog Gooby Was not so happy when we got him , he had many problems with house breaking and obedience training , IE Jumping on counters ripping through windows and jumping on the children . These problems where very time consuming but I knew he was smart . its been a year and he is house broken and almost completely broken of counter thieving. Point being , Study your breeds , Some breeds are far more Stubborn then others . Depending on your level of experience and patience some breeds of dogs just may not be right .

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Training Your dog.

Training can be a long process , it never really ends , and when you have multiple dogs , such as I do , It can be especially hard . Once one gets excited the other tends to follow suite . In the middle of a training session hell can break loose . There are a couple of methods to try and consider . When our dogs get too out of control i simply separate them for a minute or two do one on one with each dog then try again . Each dog can have their own way of listening and learning . Gooby our 3 year old rescue , Watches everything Very closely and learns on his own time , where as Sasha our GSD/ Alaskin mix Listens very close and more then willingly learns from us. In a Good way! lol . But still each dog will have their own idea of what they get out of training. Again training can take a long time and is needs consistency much like a child would . Consider every day To be an obedience class . 

Feeding , Grooming , Vets Visits

Just like any member of the family your new pup will have many needs . On the top of the list are Vet visits and feeding . If you not so interested in raising horses you may want to go for a smaller dog , Large dogs eat ALLOT And can sometimes seem like they never get full (If Highly Active) A 20 pound bag of dog food for us usually runs us 15-30 dollars depending , We cannot stray to different foods either to save money because this can irritate a dogs stomach and cause diareah , vomiting and just misery :( . So we stay around about 20 dollars per 20 pounds . Could be worse But we go through about 2.5 bags a month !.  A smaller dog will need smaller amounts of food . Vet visits can be pricey , usually anywhere from 20-200 a visit , No insurance! yet . But are needed to make sure your family member is in good health , esp for rescued dogs and older adopted dogs . Grooming depends on the dog and the type of hair and again size our SHD Gooby only needs a minimal amount of shampooing . Our Lady Sasha Who is a LHD takes a little bit more and requires brushing (which she hates so she eats the brushes every chance she gets ) Another 8 dollars lol. (don’t over wash your dog because of the natural oils they have to protect their skin ) Over washing your pet can lead to severe skin problems which will need medical attention and sometimes irreversible damage to the skin . 

Disadvantages .

While they are minimal The disadvantages are real , just like with anything else . even having human children can be frustrating and expensive , so don’t forget to take careful consideration on what type of life you lead before having K-9 Kids as well . Traveling can be hard if you do not camp allot , and even campgrounds Now have more regulations to leaving your dogs at a site while taking a swim (which the dogs are not allowed in that public area) It’s best if you have a large Camper . Hotels are more and more taking Dogs as Guests And It can be great but sometimes finding those hotels and checking in can be pricey and depending on where you travel there may be no hotels . In these horrid cases hiring a dog sitter or Sending your pup to a doggy hotel “kennel” Is in your future , which both can be pricey . Rules are changing every day though , now that more and more people are accepting dogs as more then just ….mutts off the street. But again It can be hard to plan an exciting trip if you have k-9 friends with you , so plan well and be prepared! Damage to household items is almost guaranteed when housebreaking , whether it be chewing peeing scratching , Oh yeah It happens . Fortunately with proper training these behaviors are curved


.There are many many advantages to owning a dog , as you can read in another article of mine , “The Positive Side of the Kennel” But I will go over a few Here . One of the main Advantages of Owning a Dog has to directly do with a Major health issue that has been plaguing everyone , Blood pressure . People who own dogs are less likely to have blood pressure problems . People who own dogs are also less likely to have heart conditions and be happier . It has also been found that people who have happy pets are also less likely to become obese or gain large amounts of weight . (this is not ALWAYS true but most of the time it is )  Scientific studies showed that People who owns dogs not only live a happier life but a healthier one as well . Also Recent research proves that children who own dogs also have a higher confidence level and learn healthy work habits earlier then most children . Giving children the responsibility of caring for something other then themselves improves self esteem and inhibits healthy habits , Such as Routine Exercise , and compassion . 

Well there you have it . Owning a dog is not for everyone , and I don’t knock ya for it . It can be allot of work . And sometimes make you want to rip your hair out . But so is raising kids and I wouldn’t Trade Either for the world . I love my family And Thank you for Reading Have a happy Healthy Day !


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