The Original Church Which Was Established by Jesus Christ

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It is formally known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Fundamentalist Mormons believe in polygamy. A woman is currently protesting California’s laws against polygamy, calling them unconstitutional. She was raised as a fundamentalist Mormon, and is married to a man who has other wives, one of whom is her biological sister. Besides this extreme form of Mormonism, there are certain common beliefs held by the believers of this faith.

It is considered a restoration of the original church which was established by Jesus Christ. The founder of this religion, Joseph Smith, is considered by believers to be the prophet Christ entrusted with this responsibility. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of this religion-

1. Mormonism differs in many ways from Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christianity. The spiritual decay which happened to the church originally established by Jesus Christ is linked to these orthodoxies, because his teachings were altered by them.

2. Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. They follow the Bible, but believe that there are errors in it. These mistakes have been corrected in the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price, which are their other holy books.

3. They observe a health code which is known as the Word of Wisdom. Under it, they abstain from consuming alcohol, coffee, tea, and tobacco.

4. Followers donate a tithe of ten percent on their income every year, and also perform volunteer service in church.

5. Members must also set aside one day of the week, which is usually Monday, for a Family Home Evening. On this day, they study gospel principles together as a family. They also participate in non-religious activities.

6. Common practices include refraining from working on Sunday, if possible. Members of the church are encouraged to marry and have children, resulting in large families.

7. Education is important under this religion as a means of growth. Believers are encouraged to engage in missionary work.

8. Members are encouraged to be prepared for any disaster, including economic hardships. This religion does not use the cross as a symbol of faith.


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