Cheezer's Gourmet Pizza on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, California

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This is my take on Cheezer’s Gourmet Pizza on Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, California.  I had never gone to this location before or even had Cheezer’s pizza before this first time.  I can some it all up with the racing phrase, one and done.

There were many issues with this company.  First, the attraction for me was an ad in the Penny Saver which promoted this location and time period as the “grand re-opening”.  Included on the full page was a statement that if we went to their website, we could “download” a “coupon for a FREE pizza.”

I went to the site, but there was no free pizza anywhere.  I searched and even went to related sites.  Nothing matched what the ad stated.  So, I phoned the location and talked to a woman who said the ad was correct and it was for a free large pizza.  She directed me to a different URL.

Again, I checked it out.  I called back.  The only coupon on that site that came close was a buy one, get one free.  I did not want two pizzas; I just wanted the one free one promised in the ad.

What happened after this was a huge runaround.  They gave me the name of the owner and said he’d be in on a certain day.  I called, but of course, he wasn’t there.  I got the same woman.  We went round and round over it and finally she offered me a free medium pizza.  I could have, but did not choose to, reminded her that she had told me the coupon was for a large size.

So, I go in to the restaurant.  Now for a re-opening, I would expect the place to look decent.  I was surprised to see things like the bench seats with rips and holes all over them.  For a “grand re-opening,” this place looked horrible.

The pizza itself was average and nothing special.  I was happy just to get it, but I really feel like something shady was going on here.  I was lied to about the owner, given the run around about when he would be accessible, and then really not even given what the ad promised.

I would never, ever go back to this place, and I highly recommend that everyone avoid this establishment.


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