Stocking Stuffer Craft Ideas

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The holidays are fast approaching and thoughts of what to put into those adorable handcrafted stockings you spent creating all summer should be starting to fill your head. Everyone loves handmade gifts and for the homecrafter this is an especially good time to show off your work and enjoy the praise you will receive from your loved ones as they open the gifts stuffed into their stockings while they slumbered on Christmas Eve.

Easy Ideas

Crafting unisex items is a given. Crocheted mittens, hats, and scarves are always well received when you live in colder climates. You can make the new baby some of these items or hand crochet a new rattle or stuffed animal.

For the budding crafter on your list, add to their collection of craft tools. New beads for the beader, balls of yarn for the crochet/knitter on your list, or threads and scissors for the sewer in the family. The scrapper in the family will love receiving new items to add to their collection.

Who is the gift for?

Think about who you are making the gift for and design it uniquely for them. Can you make your daughter a new shirt but fold it down into a small package that will fool her come Christmas morning?

Has your son started to get interested in woodworking? Gather several precut sets of different animals to stuff into his stocking. Guaranteed to keep him busy most of the afternoon rushing in to show you the dinosaur he just finished or begging for paints to make his new project more lifelike.

Give the puzzler in the family some miniature puzzles and puzzle saver. Once the puzzle is put together, they can save it by adding the puzzle saver and framing the puzzle to hang on their wall.

Making miniature furniture out of household items for your baby girls doll house is always fun and they love adding these new things to the decor. Check out different mediums for this. You can craft a cradle out of half a walnut shell. Make candle sticks with toothpicks and create a new rug with a bit of scrap wallpaper.

Think ahead to the spring and summer months, crochet some scrunchies and matching flip flops for the diva on your list.

Boys wouldn’t really care for those kinds of things, but there are options for them as well. You could crochet a hacky sack for them and find some instructions on how to work it to include with it.

Get an early start

Start now and before the holidays you will be able to take a breather. When the big day arrives, sit back with your hot coffee or cocoa and enjoy the smiles and thanks from your family for all your hard work.


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